Slowly Fading Fast

Years ago while my mom and I were out shopping and she was in need of a coffee break, she said, "I'm slowly fading fast" and just like that, the disjointed expression became part of our lexicon.

Slowly fading fast is how I would describe the light in these photos. It was the most dreary, overcast day, and even though the sun could not be seen, the evidence that it was setting could not be denied.

It's late as I type this post and I too am slowly fading fast, but I must make mention of this cute hat Zaful sent to me. It's a pretty nice hat for a mere $14, and while the site description says it's acrylic, the hat itself states wool. The one caveat was how little care was given to its shipment - simply placed in a plastic bag - resulting in a crushed hat upon arrival. I did my best to steam it out but the indications of its rough journey can still be seen.

fringe cardigan, distressed jeans, wool fedora-7.jpgfringe cardigan, distressed jeans, wool fedora-4.jpgfringe cardigan, distressed jeans, wool fedora-6.jpgwhite flowers.jpgfringe cardigan, distressed jeans, wool fedora-10.jpgfringe cardigan, distressed jeans, wool fedora-8.jpgfringe cardigan, distressed jeans, wool fedora.jpgfringe cardigan, distressed jeans, wool fedora-12.jpgfringe cardigan, distressed jeans, wool fedora-2.jpg
The Rundown
Rima Fringed Cardigan Anthropologie similar
Cream Tank J.Crew thrifted similar
Boyfriend Jeans Old Navy similar
Lace-up Sandals "Mariachi" Report
Leather Bucket Bag Banana Republic similar
Tan Wool Fedora c/o Zaful
Triangle Necklace Moon & Lola similar
Necklace "Greer V" Gorjana similar
Fringe Bracelet Taken for Granite
Stacked Rings Gorjana via TJMaxx similar

Elegance & Mommyhood's Thursday Moda

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  1. What a shame your hat had such a rough journey on it's way to you! Hats are not easy to pack, it's true, but a little care can make a world of difference. Even so, I love the colour and shape of it, and it goes so well with the sandy colours in this look, which is more bohemian than you usually go for but in the best possible way - this from the girl who just bought embroidered jeans, so I guess I'm feeling a little more bohemian than I usually do, too ;)

  2. One of my hats has a crease in it because of the shipping---although it's black, so I'm not sure it's super evident! If you find a way to correct it though, I'm all ears!

  3. Getting creases out of hats is near impossible. I got a cheaper floppy hat a while ago and hat to donate it for the same reason. I would rather spend more on shipping so it gets to me uncreased! It's still really cute! I've used spray starch and an iron on low before to help with that.

  4. LOOOOVE that sweater!!! And the hat is so cute, shame it was shipped so carelessly

  5. That hat is adorable on you! And I love the bucket bag!


  6. Love the hat. Unfortunately, I received a hat in the same package as yours, but I wasn't able to save it! :(

  7. Your cardigan is amazing! I love the way it pairs with your bracelet! :-)

    More to Mrs. E

  8. I love this cute outfit, it has that boho feel to it, but also casual and chic. I think it's perfect for the colder spring days, as we're (impatiently) waiting for the summer :)
    The hat is so pretty, as well as your sandals and bag. Oh, and the jewelry pieces are the perfect add-on to the whole outfit! Simply beautiful! xo

    Sabina | I've Got Sunshine

  9. Such a pretty cardigan. Love how you styled it!

    xx Auna |

  10. such a pretty hat!! love that necklace, too! you look amazing!
    have a great day!

  11. I love the fringed cardigan paired with the hat!

    cute & little

  12. You styled the outfit beautifully.
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  13. Love this neutral look and that bag is fabulous.


  14. I like the expression and have to say I am slowly fading fast too... I am beat after a week of travel and now its back to the office.
    I like that hat and the entire look, the oatmeal tones are always appealing.

  15. I use that expression all of the time too! Love the neutrals! That hat is so cute on you!

    Doused In Pink