The Shell Dress

"My vacations are always rejuvenating."

Well, I did my best to drag these vacation outfit photos for as long as possible, but this is the last set. Naturally I thought what better dress to pack than my Lilly Pulitzer shell dress, with Florida being the birthplace of Lilly and all. Though I feel like I'm more apt to find lovers of the brand in the preppy towns of New England than in Florida. That was my observation, anyway.

I was hesitant to take this bamboo bag as my main bag for the trip (hence the little pink bag which was 'just in case') since it can only be carried one way, in my hand. Not in the crook of the arm or on the shoulder, or even tucked under the arm as can be done with clutches. This makes shopping a problem, especially if the other hand is occupied by a coffee. I suppose if anything it helped reinforce the shopping ban (I was only really tempted by one thing, this hat). Plus it was quite the conversation piece, and a surprising number of people asked me if I was carrying a small animal inside it!

Well... time to start planning the next vacation...

 Lilly Pulitzer eyelet lace shell dress, bamboo bag, mules-8.jpg Lilly Pulitzer eyelet lace shell dress, bamboo bag, mules.jpg Lilly Pulitzer eyelet lace shell dress, bamboo bag, mules-4.jpg Lilly Pulitzer eyelet lace shell dress, bamboo bag, mules-7.jpg Lilly Pulitzer eyelet lace shell dress, bamboo bag, mules-1.jpg Lilly Pulitzer eyelet lace shell dress, bamboo bag, mules-5.jpg Lilly Pulitzer eyelet lace shell dress, bamboo bag, mules-11.jpg Lilly Pulitzer eyelet lace shell dress, bamboo bag, mules-3.jpg
The Rundown
Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress Lilly Pulitzer buy on ebay
Huarache Mules "Camila" Rebecca Minkoff similar
Vintage Japanese Bamboo Bag via eBay similar
Knot Necklace Thrifted similar
Knot Ring c/o Emitations similar



  1. I can't imagine a better place to wear your shell dress than Florida - it just seems so fitting! Although now that you mention it, when I think back on Florida, it doesn't seem the most likely place to find a lot of Lilly Pulitzer fans. Either way, it looks beautiful against the palm tree background and while that bag may not be particularly practical, it is just the most wonderful choice for a holiday accessory as far as I'm concerned.

  2. That dress was made for vacation---and how fun to have these memories of a relaxing time, Lydia!!
    I know what you mean about carrying the purse---luckily my husband is the best for helping out with that! He always jokes about whether or not it goes with his outfit when he holds it for me!!

  3. Loving the mix of your dress and handbag! Super beautiful :)

    Rachel's Lookbook

  4. Beautiful! Love the dress!

  5. I love this dress look so nice

  6. Such a pretty dress! And yes, Lily isn't so popular down there, it's mostly us new englanders, haha.
    And now you know, whenever you don't want to buy something just use that purse ;)

  7. You're killing it with your vacation looks - this one might be my favourite though. That dress is magical for Florida.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. This is such a gorgeous dress! I love the seashell embroidery.

    Gemma x

  9. I cannot imagine a more perfect vacation dress than one with shells! How cute!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. The shell dress was a great option for your Florida vacation and I had to laugh a little at the fact that the bag prevented you from being able to check out stuff at the stores, therefore contributing to the shopping ban ;)

  11. It looked like you had a wonderful time! This is the perfect Miami look, obsessed with that wicker bag.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  12. That bamboo bag is so cute! Maybe not convenient to carry but so cute :)

  13. What a great vacation look. That bag is amazing!


  14. Omg how amazing is this dress?! That print is gorgeous! You look like a pretty mermaid!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  15. This shell dress is amazing such a stunning print.


  16. OMG your outfit is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the beachy theme that is perfect for your vacation. I need to book a summer vacation ASAP