The Mindset

"Every day I allow myself a few moments just to be."

The vacation mindset is truly a great one. To not worry about social media or checking emails, getting up early or feeling guilty about having ice cream every night. Though I had kind of wanted to get up early and partake in the beach yoga class that was mere steps away from where we were staying. Perhaps if it were a longer trip I could have managed, but the luxury of sleeping in beckoned.

In addition to all the walking, we also took advantage of all the Citi Bikes - there were so many locations they were just so easy to hop on and go for a ride. Especially helpful when we'd walked much too far in the opposite direction. Granted it would have been cheaper to call an Uber, just not nearly as fun.

Being in Miami made me long for a life where daily bike rides along the water, with the bright sun and the cool breeze, could be a reality. But that is just the vacation mindset. Even if I lived there I know the minutiae of the everyday would likely keep me from those rides.

As we start to get tiny glimpses of spring here in Connecticut, I need to try my best to go out and enjoy it as much as I can, it all slips away so quickly each year.

striped shirt, denim shorts, panama hat, pink coach penny bag-6.jpgstriped shirt, denim shorts, panama hat, pink coach penny bag-4.jpgstriped shirt, denim shorts, panama hat, pink coach penny bag-2.jpgstriped shirt, denim shorts, panama hat, pink coach penny bag-7.jpgstriped shirt, denim shorts, panama hat, pink coach penny bag.jpgstriped shirt, denim shorts, panama hat, pink coach penny bag-5.jpgstriped shirt, denim shorts, panama hat, pink coach penny bag-1.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Shirt H&M similar
Denim Shorts Old Navy similar
Sandals "Glorious" Franco Sarto via DSW similar
Pink Bag "Penny" Coach via ebay similar
Panama Hat J.Crew
Pineapple Necklace Moon & Lola via Rocksbox
Hexagon Cuff Bracelet Line and Label similar
Gold Circle Ring Thrifted
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx

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  1. My husband and I were just talking about how much we need a vacation last night. Breaks from email and social media are key!

    District of Chic

  2. Such a cute look, especially for bike riding!
    And I know what you mean, I'd like to think if I lived somewhere like that I would be more active/outside more, but I know I wouldn't.

  3. I know what you mean, i have tons of stuff I could do all year round and i do nothing even though weather is marvellous... but hey you can commit to wearing your dresses for spring and summer and it should come a bit easier.

  4. I love that pop of pink! Ahh I'm with you and would love the vacation mindset of lazy days and rides along the water, but would get preoccupied or bored soon!

  5. It sounds silly, but when vacation comes, I'm the exact opposite - I want to get up even earlier so I don't miss a moment of fun! Hence why I am usually exhausted when I come home from holidays, but I think it's worth it. And it's absolutely worth taking advantage of things like ice cream evenings and city bikes, even if there are cheaper alternatives. That's just what vacation is about :) Love the pink bag with this look, it's such a fun pop of colour!

  6. Lovely outfit!!!

  7. You are so right, it's nice to think about what we would do if we lived in a different place, but the odds are we wouldn't take advantage. I know I don't take advantage of enough things near me! Love the bright pink bag with your outfit! Very cute!

  8. Great look, perfect for a holiday!

  9. Like Cee I tend to get super excitable on vacation and turn into a ridiculous earlier riser...although I'm pretty chill about everything else while I'm in vacation mode.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  10. This look is so cute! Love your Panama hat and striped shirt :)

  11. I love great breaks and vacations! This look is cute!
    I have that coach bag too! Such a fun color!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  12. Vacation mindset is the best. There is nothing better than waking up without an alarm and deciding how to spend the day over a great cup of coffee. You look very relaxed in this pictures and this is a perfect vacation outfit!

    Nicole to the Nines