One step forward, two steps back

No matter how long I stare at my computer screen, I just can't seem to write this post.

As much as I tried to avoid social media yesterday, I simply couldn't. As expected, the people who I follow were sad and disappointed, but thankfully rather than the outpourings of negativity that have been so closely associated with this election, all I saw were messages of hope, that this is still our country, still our democracy, and still a place where everyone matters.

 leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps-5.jpg leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps-6.jpg leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps.jpg leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps-8.jpg leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps-9.jpg leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps-2.jpg leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps-7.jpg leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps-4.jpg leather moto jacket, joggers, leopard pumps-1.jpg
The Rundown
Black Tee Gap similar
Joggers c/o East & Lo. similar
Leather Jacket Express similar
Leopard Pumps Sam Edelman
Bag "Alexa" Danielle Nicole
Ear Crawlers Gorjana
Pave Triangle Necklace Meredith Leigh via TJMaxx similar
Necklace "Greer V" Gorjana
Gold Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Cuff "Vista" Gorjana via Rocksbox
Gold Wrap Ring gift from Meg similar
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx



  1. Those pants look super comfy, but you also manage to make them look so chic. After waking up heartbroken yesterday, I was also reassured by all the messages of hope I saw on social media. Hope and love really will prevail.

  2. Thanks for continuing to post during these trying times. I feel the same way you do. But thinking about fashion and other "frivolous" things is a welcome distraction. I have been following your blog for years but don't comment much. Keep your chin up and know that you have a lot of kindred spirits across the country.

  3. I have so many times where I just stare at my computer screen and comes to mind. Having said that I have seen no one but you work joggers and heels so well!! You look amazing! Have a lovely weekend :)

  4. Loving this outfit!!
    And yes, I still can't believe that it actually happened, it's slowly starting to sink in that it isn't a dream. But I know we'll get through it.

  5. I agree. I have been die-hard Democrat my entire life. I for one was and am devastated still but I am really, REALLY optimistic reading all the positive and love-filled posts about the election. There are some exceptions but there always will be. I LOVE this outfit. Great use of sweatpants (I'm doing a sweatpants Mission Week in a few weeks so this is great inspiration ;-) )!

  6. I am still struggling to find the right words to sum up how I feel about what happened, but I think that most of all, I am sad that so many people feel so ignored that they could come to believe the president-elect was the one person listening to them. It remains to be seen what will happen next, but the fact it is, it will happen to all of us, and so we are in this together whether everyone likes it or not - and we will have to move forward together, too. On a fashion-related note, those joggers always look so comfortable! But I love how you make them look elegant, too.

  7. I love the messages of people with hope and optimism. Loving these joggers with your leather jacket!


  8. Ugh. That's all I have right now- this comes after the shock, anger (still angry, tbh), and fear. I am hoping for a different outcome- and I am ready for everyone to come together like never before. We NEED to, that's for sure.

    Lighter note- love the joggers! Cozy + cute.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. I'm honestly still in shock I think. Those awesome pants sort of make me forget the sense of grief and disappointment though - seriously, those are awesome.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  10. I can't even comment on the election. Hopefully things won't be as bad as a lot of us fear... But I can comment on how much I love this outfit! Those joggers look super comfy and super cute, so win win!


  11. I have so badly wanted to stay away from social media. I am hoping my feed will be a little more positive soon. It is tough and destructive.
    On a lighter note, I love this look. Joggers and heels are such a fun combo and I love your leather jacket!

    xx, Elise

  12. I'm doing this thing where I don't think or talk about it hoping it's just a bad dream. So far it's not working :/

    On a lighter note I love these joggers, so cute.


  13. I hope in all this we can band together in unity for our country. I adore those joggers and moto jacket combo!

  14. Love the way you styled your pair of joggers. I don't reside in the US, but the election depression has drifted over.

    Inez | My Small World

  15. Great fall outfit, specially the pants.
    What can I say - I've been out the last two nights with friends and the US election was all we could talk about.. at the end the election of a President in a country with so much power affects us all. We're all in the same boat.