More fun than a maxi

I really did not think I was going to jump on the culottes trend, especially after having done them (probably poorly) the last time the trend came around about six years ago, only we were calling them gauchos then. Then I spotted this vintage pair for only $10 and just had the most enjoyable day in them. Perhaps it was simply the comfort afforded by their elastic wasit band and more than ample width - such a refreshing change from sitting all day in my slightly too tight skinny jeans. I suppose I'm just a convert now.

Oh, and this Springbok clutch. I'm seriously smitten with it. When the clutch is laying flat, the fur in the center lays flat as well, only when you fold it does it stand up. Plus is so amazingly soft. I feel like before pointing out that yes, it's real fur, the fact that it's not an endangered species and it's killed for food, in my eyes puts it on the same level as wearing real leather, which I do frequently and without shame. I used the last little bit of my Shopbop credits to get it, and I'm not regretting it.

Hope you all had a good daylight savings time weekend - while I dread the early sunsets - on Sunday, and Sunday alone, there is something kind of nice about looking at a clock which doesn't automatically change and thinking, oh hey, I've got a whole extra hour. As if I'd actually do something worthwhile with it!

 white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-8.jpg white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-10.jpg white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-3.jpg white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-2.jpg white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-6.jpg white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-9.jpg white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-4.jpg white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-5.jpg white Culottes, camel sweater, toe cap heels, springbok clutch-7.jpg
The Rundown
Camel Sweater Thrifted similar
White Culottes Thrifted similar
Toe Cap Heels Me Too via TJMaxx similar
Springbok Clutch Oliveve c/o Shopbop
Ear Jackets TJMaxx
Mini Punk Princess Bracelet CC Skye c/o S&G
Stacked Rings Gorjana via TJMaxx similar
Gold Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx



  1. You look so lovely in these colors! I haven't tried out culottes but am curious about them. Oh and it's my parents have a rug with the same coloring as your purse. It's a beautiful combination of colors.

  2. I love this color combination of neutrals! That clutch is all sorts of amazing. The culottes look great on you.

  3. The bag is super cute and looks very soft. Loving the neutral tones of this look

  4. When I saw the sneak peek of this look in your Octer post, I was hoping we'd get to see the whole thing and I must say, it does not disappoint! I absolutely thought you were wearing a skirt, the width fo these culottes is so perfect and I love that they're white - I've been hunting for a white pair myself, but my search continues. When I do find mine, I'll definitely be taking some inspiration from this outfit of yours to style them, the combination of white and brown shades is so lovely and timeless without reverting to basic black which, although I obviously also love, does sometimes get a bit predictable ;)

  5. TOTALLY thought this was a skirt! I love culottes and I really love the way you have styled them here!

  6. I think you are pulling those off fantastically - they really a gorgeous pair and look stunning on you, especially the way in which you've styled them.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. Love your outfit dear! The combination is perfect!



  8. Love this neutral look. The culottes are great and your bag is so beautiful!

    xx, Elise

  9. Beautiful colors the white skirt makes it "its almost fall, but not cold enough" :)

  10. Loving those culottes, especially with your sweater! So fun!


  11. you look so chic and what a pretty clutch.


  12. Beautiful color combo, love it for fall. Also love the clutch. You look super chic and stylish :)

  13. Ohhhh this clutch is SO fabulous! What a fun and different piece!


  14. The clutch is a beautiful touch! I like how it adds texture!


  15. That clutch is amazing and so perfect for fall / winter!