Crisp autumn air

Where did this weekend go? I know it's all too common a phrase spoken, but I still can't help it. Thankfully it was warm and sunny and I had a chance to get a few sets of outfit photos taken, otherwise I'd be sorely lacking content for this week. Much like the two months of summer fly by, the weeks leading up to the holidays go by just as quickly, or perhaps even faster with the early sunsets. Most nights I feel like if it's dark at 6 p.m., I can just be in my pajamas, and that is perfectly okay.

I am feeling so envious of people who live in climates where 60° is their winter, beause that is something I could do. It's when get into the 50° nonsense that it's just a mess and I don't know what to wear anymore. So this week, every outfit is a perfectly lovely thing to wear when it's 60° (in the sun).

 brown leather jacket, plaid blanket scarf, brown booties-1.jpg brown leather jacket, plaid blanket scarf, brown booties-8.jpg brown leather jacket, plaid blanket scarf, brown booties-4.jpg brown leather jacket, plaid blanket scarf, brown booties-7.jpg brown leather jacket, plaid blanket scarf, brown booties-6.jpg brown leather jacket, plaid blanket scarf, brown booties-5.jpg brown leather jacket, plaid blanket scarf, brown booties.jpg
The Rundown
Button Down Shirt Old Navy similar
Distressed Jeans Old Navy similar
Brown Leather Jacket c/o Wallis similar
Brown Booties "Upton" c/o Vionic
Leather Bucket Bag Banana Republic similar
Plaid Scarf Zara similar
Gold Ring Thrifted
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Fishnet Stockings" Essie



  1. I feel like I was supposed to be super productive this weekend, felt like I was, but now I really don't think I was nearly as productive as I thought so now the weekend feels like a waste. I hate that!

    The Adored Life

  2. Even here, we are in rainy season still and it makes it difficult to get out of the house and have a productive weekend.
    The blanket scarf is out again ! That's a fave of mine.

  3. Loving this color combo! And I an deal with 50....its when we start getting below 45 that I don't like it, haha!
    Unfortunately I got no outfit photos this weekend. But I already have this week's posts done. Gotta get started on next week

  4. It's amazing, but somehow no matter how many days there are in them - and this was a long one for us in Canada - they just seem to fly by. We've been having miserable weather, too, so I can't even say that I made the most of it by taking lots of outfit photos, it was all Netflix and naps around here! Which isn't really so bad, but I am jealous of the sunny skies in these shots :)

  5. I love layered look like this one and that bag is fantastic.


  6. Yes, 50s is a hard temperature to dress for. Winter coats are too warm, but many jackets aren't warm enough. Give me 60s and sun and I am a happy girl! Love your gorgeous layers here. That bag is fabulous!

  7. I'm loving your layers! The way you tied your blanket scarf is perfect!


  8. Loving your look, so cozy and chic! I agree, I dread when it starts to go below 60.

  9. I feel like I love it when it first starts to get cold and then I get sick of my coats real fast. You look adorable in that leather jacket though!

    District of Chic

  10. Your jacket and booties are a gorgeous color for fall!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  11. I'm with you...I so wish 60 was as cold as it got! I hate the cold! At least we get to dress in cute layers though, even if we are freezing!