Afternoon in Central Park

Last week, after having watched the weather forecast like it was an out of stock item I was hoping would pop back, and I determined that Tuesday would probably be the last summer-like day we'd have, I decided to take a personal day and hop on the train to New York with Sean.

In all my trips to the city, I've never spent much time in Central Park, and I have no idea why - it's just such a gorgeous, huge park. I knew exactly how I wanted to spend the day there, starting off with a picnic from Perfect Picnic NYC. It's a brilliant concept, because while I love the idea of packing a picnic myself, my follow through is terrible. Perfect Picnic takes care of everything, including the blanket, and delivers right to Central Park. For $15 a person, it's completely worth it. You can get fancier picnics for much more, but I was pretty pleased, and full after my little smoked duck baguettes.

Next on my list was taking a paddle around the lake in a rowboat. The Loeb Boathouse provides the rentals, and is also beautiful restaurant. When I saw how lovely the views were, I added stopping for a cocktail there to my list. As it was such a gorgeous day and everyone was out, the lake was a bit crowded, but it was still really fun.

After docking we went for a stroll through the park in the direction of the Guggenheim museum. It's a pretty small museum and doesn't take long to take it all in. I did spend a little time waiting in line to partake in Maurizio Cattelan's “America”.

After that, a walk back to Grand Central, oysters at the Oyster Bar, and then back to the realities of life, work, and real fall weather.

Though it was such a delight to have a perfect summer day in Central Park in October.

 kate spade japanese floral julep dress, sicky sunglasses, bamboo bag.jpg kate spade japanese floral julep dress, sicky sunglasses, bamboo bag-6.jpg kate spade japanese floral julep dress, sicky sunglasses, bamboo bag-2.jpg Untitled kate spade japanese floral julep dress, sicky sunglasses, bamboo bag-3.jpg kate spade japanese floral julep dress, sicky sunglasses, bamboo bag-7.jpg
The Rundown
Dress Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade via Poshmark
Vintage Japanese Bamboo Bag via eBay similar
White Mules "Camila" Rebecca Minkoff
Necklace "Greer V" Gorjana
Stacked Rings Gorjana via TJMaxx similar
Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring c/o Lumo
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Sunglasses c/o Sicky
Nail Color "Marshmallow" Essie



  1. What an awesome afternoon, and that picnic in a box is SO smart!!


  2. You look adorable and these pics are stunning.


  3. It sounds like it was a great day for a picnic. Love the dress, perfect for a day in NYC's Central Park.

  4. Take me with you next time. That is such a dreamy dress for a dreamy day! I've always wondered if one of those boat rides is as romantic as they make it look, because every time I have to get into a boat I am paranoid about falling into the water and that's all I can think about.

    The Adored Life

  5. Yayyy! It really does sound like the perfect day! I've still never done the paddling around or spent much time in Central Park either. Need to change that! Haha

  6. I so envy your proximity to New York for exactly this reason - if I take a personal day, the only place I can drive is the suburbs! I'm definitely making a note of Perfect Picnic for the next time we're in NYC, because it's one thing to do a picnic when you're going to a park near home, but entirely another to pack one in a car (or worse, on the subway) with you when you're going out for the whole day. These photos could not be more perfect, the Central Park rowboats are just beyond charming and some day, I will overcome my fear of boats to get in one, but for now, living vicariously through your experience is wonderful :)

  7. Wow looks like you did so many things in one day ! The picnic sounds like a great idea specially if you did not have to pack it yourself ;) That's something I would totally do. You looked fab - I keep admiring that the dress has the same pattern/shape as the bag.

  8. What a perfect day! I love the picnic idea too. No lugging around a basket before and afterwards.

  9. So glad you took a day off to enjoy! Sounds and looks so perfect. We visited central park while in NYC but did not do this. Now I regret it! You look so chic.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. What an awesome afternoon! Hope you had a great time :)


  11. Wow, you really did it right - this looks like such a wonderful time!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  12. oh my gosh, you look amazing! I love these pictures.

  13. How fun!! Love the dress you wore for the occasion too.

  14. What a fantastic idea!! The whole idea of a picnic is wonderful----but it can be so much work & planning---having it delivered to you is quite brilliant!
    And you look so lovely Lydia!!

  15. It sounds like you had the most perfect day! Every time I'm in Central Park, I wonder why I don't go there more often, because it's just so beautiful. Also, I love the dress you're wearing in these pictures!

  16. I love that you spontaneously took off a day to enjoy the weather and have a date with your man. It sounds like the perfect day too--and what a gorgeous setting and outfit! I love picnic lunches!

  17. Such fun pics! Loving that bag too. Looks like the most perfect day -xo


  18. Aw these photos are so lovely and I love your dress! I love Central Park too but have never really explored it. Definitely on my to do next time!


  19. So many activities in one day, thats what i call a girl-power. That dress is sooooooooooo beautiful. I love it. You look so gorgeous in it.

  20. Perfect Picnic sounds like so much fun! Your dress is gorgeous, I love the print!