October Budget

How could it possibly be the end of October? I'm pretty much flabbergasted, and that is a word I don't use too often. I did a bit better with my spending this month, got some great sales at Banana Republic and Anthropolgie, as well as more thrift/posh/ebay finds.

I finally visited the Goodwill in Westport, CT, which is significantly nicer than other Goodwills in the area, just based on the town's wealth, I suppose. I found a fun pair of Haute Hippie silk printed joggers and pair of gap jeans and only spent $12 on both! There were lots of other pieces I wanted too but that weren't my size, particularly a brand new Ann Taylor pencil skirt, and a pair of Hermes slide sandals. I did manage to snag a pair of brown Ferragamo loafers on Poshmark for only $15, which I'm quite pleased with.

Also I feel like I should note that all the secondhand and TJMaxx items pictured are only stand-ins, but they are pretty close to what I actually got.

Ferragamo Brown Bow Oxfords, $15 via Poshmark
Banana Republic Black Lace Top, $24
Rebecca S White Culottes, $10 via Ebay 
Anthropologie Fringed Sweater Dress, $30
Cynthia Rowely Navy Knit Skirt, $24 via TJMaxx
Star Ring, $13 via TJMaxx
Gap Cropped Flared Jeans, $6 via Goodwill
Haute Hippie Silk Joggers, $6 via Goodwill

Total = $128

Gifted Items
Sicky Sunglasses
Irisie Off The Shoulder Top


  1. So nice!




  2. These are some great pieces, you're so good at finding bargains. Have a great weekend!

  3. It would have been so amazing if the Hermes slides were in your size! You got some great goodies though and always have such luck! Congrats on the Ferragamo shoes!

  4. I am always amazed when you do these posts, looking at all the things you managed to buy and expecting to see the total spent come to a thousand dollars, but this month in particular, I am just stunned - $128 for all of these things?! You amaze me. And I can't wait to see you wearing your new Ferragamo loafers!

  5. I always sort of suspected that the Westport one would be a special case - I wish I'd visited it at some point!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. WOW I cannot believe you got ALL that for so little. Every piece is great and I cannot wait to see you wear them all. I love particularly the dress, loafers, joggers, lace blouse and white off-shoulder top.

    My October shopping was done in 5 stores: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Target, Loft, J.Crew and White House Black Market but I got great things in all of them.

  7. So many great pieces! I love the Ferragamos!

  8. Looks like you made some great purchases this month! I'm in love with the silk joggers :)


  9. Wow, you shopped well Lydia. I am amazed at the Ferragamo loafers for that price !

  10. I always love seeing what you get each month--you always have such a great mix of new and thrifted items and make me want to do more thrifting. Those Ferragamo flats are such a great find!! And I can't wait to see how you style the joggers too.

  11. I love the pieces you selected, jeans and white blouse above all :)


  12. I am so impressed with your thrifted finds! Those ferragamo flats are a once in a lifetime steal! And that are darling! Can't wait to see you wear them!

  13. Can't believe the bargain you got on those Ferragamos, wow! Great find!

    I really like those printed pants too, wonderful thrift find. You're awesome at hunting out a bargain :)

    Hope you're having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. Wow! You got so many great pieces for such great prices! Those ferragamo are so chic and a real steal. I seriously need to look into the salvation armies in my area :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  15. So many great finds! I love those suede flats and the silk joggers!

    Doused In Pink

  16. I like your selection!

    xx LL


  17. I'm loving your picks! Those bow oxfords are amazing!