The romance

Valentine's day is this weekend, a holiday which my feelings towards have yo-yoed over the years. For the time when I was single I felt like I always had to have some sort of plans, be it with my girlfriends or my family. I wasn't going to let it get me down, buying myself gifts and baking holiday themed treats.

Then when I started dating Sean I thought, "Finally, I'll have a proper Valentine's Day!" Only I was wrong again, because Sean has consistently had to work on Valentine's Day and while we do celebrate, it's not on the actual day. On February 14th I'm still just like my single self - this year my mom and I are going to get manni/peddis.

My ideas about romance have changed over the years, but when it comes to clothes that I would describe as having romantic details, that has not changed at all. White lace, a bit of exposed skin in an unexpected place, curve-hugging denim.

Having the chance to try out a few pieces from the new Cabi spring line was a delight. It's full of pieces designed to transition from spring through summer and into fall, with a great balance of neutrals and bold prints. While there are staples like the destructed skinny jeans, There are also lots of little twists on basic pieces, like the white Sophia sweater I'm wearing which has a lace back, and the grey Cobblestone cardigan features a zipper on the back, which can change up the silhouette. The inspiration for the collection came from the designers' trip to Italy and is meant to capture the joy of life. Having been to Italy, I know it's impossible to not fall in love with it, and I think you can see the romance in the collection.

Cabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps.jpgCabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps-7.jpgCabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps-6.jpgCabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps-1.jpgCabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps-4.jpgCabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps-3.jpgCabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps-5.jpgCabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps-8.jpgCabi lace back top, grey cardigan, distressed denim, silver pumps-2.jpg
The Rundown
Lace Back Sophia Sweater c/o Cabi
Grey Cobblestone Cardigan c/o Cabi
Destructed Skinny Jean c/o Cabi
Silver Pumps Kate Spade via Coco's similar similar
Grayson Bar Bag Linea Pelle
Necklace Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Ojai Cage Ring Gorjana
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Yoga then Yogurt" Nicole by OPI

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Cabi provided me with these pieces for the purpose of this post. Thanks for supporting the brands who support Chic on the Cheap!


  1. Like many things in life, Valentine's day is overrated - Oh and I think this is so cute - the lace detail is beautifully unexpected.

  2. The back of that top is incredible! I would have never expected the lace detail like that. So fun!

    The Adored Life

  3. Ooh I love that cardigan!! I have a sweater that buttons up in the back, would be fun to have a zipping one too :D
    I've never had a Valentine, sadly, haha. Although 2 years ago a friend and I went to see Alton Brown and then last year we went out to dinner haha. This year I'll be cuddled up in blankets

  4. Maybe I have a zipper sweater obsession (just look at todays post) but I need this sweater-haha! I definitely have mixed feeling about Valentine's Day too! Looks like it's going to be one with my guy and another couple; the more the merrier, right? Overall, it's about being with people who you care about.
    xo Adri

  5. Ooh I love the surprise lace detail, that is so pretty! You manage to look relaxed and comfortable yet still romantic here, I love that. It will probably be better to do something with your man on a non-Valentine's Day day anyway--places are always so busy on the actual day!

  6. I love all these soft colors on you - and, of course, the surprise lace! I almost never really do much for Valentine's Day. My wedding anniversary is so close to Valentine's that it just never really seems like a big deal to celebrate it.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. The details on that cardigan and back detail is gorgeous! Love this look!

    xo, Alice || a l i c e / T Y P E N U

  8. Since my birthday is so close to that "holiday" I have always hated it--single or in a couple. Luckily my husband's birthday is also close to it (and he's a dude), so I never have to worry about celebrating it! I love love LOVE the back details on this cardigan! What a beauty!

  9. Valentine's Day is such a funny thing. I think Ian will actually have it off this year, which is some sort of miracle, but because he works in a restaurant, he knows what a nightmare they are on February 14th. Quite frankly, we have no plans, just like any other year - which is probably for the best since I've spent most of this week sick in bed. If I do manage to get dressed on Sunday, though, I do hope it's in an outfit like this one; the lace detailing and zipper on the back of your sweater are just too lovely!

  10. I love the back of your sweater and your accessories here! I so feel like you on V-day but over the years I've learned to just take it as a day to relax. :)

  11. Love the details on the sweater!! And I'm really into the silver pumps...I'm seeing them a ton lately (or is it that I'm just now noticing them?) and I just bought a pair so I could do a blog series on them!! jodie

  12. Love the sweater, its so cute. You look fab!

  13. I absolutely love everything about this outfit! From the slight casual vibe with the pretty necklace and the cute bag and shoes! And I've been wanting a pair of leopard print sunglasses for a while, yours are gorgeous! :)


  14. wow..this top is love with this top...specially the back design...pretty necklace...
    xo, neha

  15. You look as gorgeous as always! That top is stunning :)

  16. Cabi is a new brand to me, but I am swooning over that cardigan! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your mom :)

  17. Such a simple yet super pretty outfit ♥

  18. Loved very much your back and zip style. Perfect outfit.

    Maria Garcia

  19. Love your style! Amazing shoes :)

    Christina ♥

  20. Love how you've unzipped the back of the cardigan to show a hint of the lace from the top - a really special twist to your outfit :)

    I hope you had a fun Valentine's day! :) Valentine's day isn't really that big here - not many people celebrate it, although it is nice to spoil your loved ones (partners and family!) any day of the year :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  21. I always love jeans with silver heels - great and chic look. Love, Kirsten

  22. I love the back on both tops! i hope you and Sean still enjoyed your celebration!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  23. My husband and I stopped celebrating Valentines on the actual day a long time ago since most places are so crowded and I am not too keen on the idea of pre fix menus. Great pieces, I love all the great details.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.