This will be my last outfit post of 2015, as tomorrow will be my year in review post. As of this moment my plans for New Year's Eve are nil, Sean is working, and while I didn't hate dining at his restaurant last year, I just can't see him working while I'm dining becoming our New Year's Eve tradition.

No, I see Chinese takeout and movie marathons on the couch in store for my December 31st.

Thinking about the year coming to an end always makes me a bit sad. I made some big changes this year - I moved in with Sean and into my first apartment and have definitely felt some growing pains. While I've never been one of those women who can seem to do it all, I felt even less able to accomplish balance between work, family and the blog this year.

Yet, despite feeling spread too thin I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I wanted to this year. I didn't travel, I didn't unlock the secret to getting my blog to go viral, nor did I host a fabulous dinner party and finally utilize the ridiculous amounts of vintage glassware and fun printed paper straws I've been hoarding. I didn't even go to Coney Island with my sister, even though I promised I would.

It's not good to hold on to regrets. So for now lets just savor the last moments of 2015 and look forward to a bright new year.

white sweater, black jeans, grey fur vest-7.jpgwhite sweater, black jeans, grey fur vest-3.jpgwhite sweater, black jeans, grey fur vest-2.jpgwhite sweater, black jeans, grey fur vest.jpgwhite sweater, black jeans, grey fur vest-1.jpgwhite sweater, black jeans, grey fur vest-4.jpgwhite sweater, black jeans, grey fur vest-6.jpgwhite sweater, black jeans, grey fur vest-8.jpg
The Rundown
White Sweater Ralph Lauren thrifted similar
Grey Fur Vest c/o Choies similar
Black Jeans Old Navy
Booties "Calixta" Cole Haan
Red Willis Bag Vintage Coach via ebay similar
Ear Crawlers Gorjana via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Necklace Gorjana via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Cuff Gorjana via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Double Bar Ring Sophie Harper via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Nail Color "Dark Side of the Mood" OPI


  1. It's true, there are some things that we all failed to accomplish this year - Ian and I are still in the home we told ourselves we'd leave, I still haven't cleaned my closet (which I've been so good at in previous years) and I've failed, miserably, to stick to any workout routine beyond yoga. But there are also so many things that I DID do and as the year ends, those are the ones I'm focussing on. Or trying to. As someone who moved in with their boyfriend long ago, let me tell you - the routine adjustment takes TIME. Especially if you work different schedules. But you'll get there. And you'll look fabulous doing it. This grey fur vest-based ensemble was the perfect end to your style year as far as I'm concerned. Just gorgeous!

  2. cute post! there are so many things on my list that are rolling over to this year to try and get done! hehe cute post! you look darling, that vest is awesome!

  3. I love that vest!!
    My New Years Eve plans are similar. Just hanging with my parents probably and they won't even stay up until midnight.
    My 2015 wasn't exactly as I planned but I definitely did a lot of traveling. I do need to be more outgoing next year...I did a little better this year though.

  4. My Shaun is working tomorrow night as well so I'll be spending the night at home as well. Someone I know is having a party but I just don't feel like I have the energy to take the bus all the way over there in the cold (I know, I'm lame). 2015 has been a mixed bag for me as well but you're so right about not holding onto regrets - I'm letting them all go at 12:01 am!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. Lovely outfit! My 2015 didn't exactly go as planned either but I guess that's life! You have great style and write a wonderful blog, don't be discouraged that it didn't go viral! Keep pounding, and here's to a great New Years!

    xo, Alice || Miss Inconnue || Etsy

  6. I think it just means you have a whole new year to do the things you didn't get to do this time around. I'm sharing movie reviews on my blog today, so maybe that could give you some movie options for tomorrow. In 2016, I'd love to host a blogger dinner party and unlock the keys to making my site go viral too, lol. For now, loving your look and your arm candy.

  7. Yes, focus on all that you have accomplished and look forward to the things you can do in 2016!

  8. Its ok! There is a whole year ahead of you to potentially knock some of those things off your list. :) I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing New Years Eve.


  9. I totally understand how you feel--I feel the same mix of being spread too thin but not really feeling like I DID all that much. Isn't that how it goes? I hope you have a relaxing New Year's and start 2016 feeling refreshed and ready to take it on!

  10. How darling is this outfit on you! You look so fantastic! Happy new year!

  11. I definitely feel spread too thin sometimes soon. Sounds like you had a great year though! Happy New Year!!


  12. This outfit is so 2015 and I love it. That furry fest is the bomb. Nice work. And don't worry, it can only get better from here :)

  13. I love your bag! It looks so beautiful :D

  14. I can't believe it's the last day of the year. Where did the time go?? I feel like I didn't get enough accomplished this year either. But I'm loving your fur vest and the dainty gold jewelry!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  15. Great look dear! Although you don't have your love with you this night, think this way, it is just a night! I wish you all the best in 2016!

  16. Awe, Lyddie! I'm sure you did a whole lot this year. You took it piece by piece and you survived and made some huge changes in your life--that takes a toll on you and is something you have to learn to adapt to. I am quite proud of you for being able to balance blogging, life, and work all at the same time. You're super impressive and I do look up to that about you. Have a relaxing start to your New Years' and don't worry about regrets. <3

  17. Very lovely outfit, the fur vest is beautiful, see my oufit consisting of secondhand pieces

  18. Wishing you a Happy New Year doing all the things that make you the happiest. And of course, wishing you happy shopping 2016!

  19. These colors always look great together...
    While I had not set any goals for 2015, I felt that so many things happened and then didn't... I hate having the REGRET feeling - however I think that if you try hard enough and things did not happen just the way you wanted it - maybe its because something better is coming and that there is a bigger picture you are not looking at.
    At least that is what I want to think.