Wishlist 2015

As much as I try to not shop for myself during the month of December, it's often quite a challenging task. Between shopping for others, and hypothetically shopping for others by putting together gift guides and then seeing everyone else's gift guides... it's all too much.

This is not a practical wishlist. With perhaps the exception of the iPhone case I'm not expecting any of these items to turn up under my tree. I suppose this is more of list for myself, and hopefully over time and price reductions, I can treat myself to them.

Since I have the apartment now, the item I want most is the brass and granite branch accent table. I first saw this in Home Goods December of 2012 and I still want it! I wish I'd pounced on it then, since it was only $180, but I'm pretty resolute on having it, even if I have to spend a little more.

A surprising inclusion to this list is the Fraiser Fir candle. This is surprising because I don't really like candles. However upon entering the Walker Loden gift shop in Madison Connecticut, and being overtaken by the most pleasant Christmas tree aroma, I was sold on this candle. Well, almost sold, because it retails for $60, which no reasonable person on a budget would spend on a candle, especially when you can walk into TJMaxx and have your pick for $10 or less.

The copper tea kettle is only slightly less frivolous than the candle, and my desire for it is directly attributed to too much Pinterest. Also for $160 it has a lot of negative reviews. But I'm not married to this particular kettle, and will most likely be keeping an eye out for a similar one at a better price point.

Continuing with the trend of things I don't need - another handbag! It's really pretty, and I don't have a bucket bag yet. But who knows, perhaps the trend will go stale soon and I will have done better to have invested my money in a timeless bag that is actually lacking in my wardrobe - a black clutch. The absence of one has become especially notable now that I no longer have access to my Mother's perfect one anytime I like.


Sashi Ava Ring, $35 at Shopbop
Chantal Copper Kettle, $160 at Williams Sonoma
Safavieh Branch Accent Table, $234 at Overstock.com
Kate Spade Floral iPhone Case, $40 at Shopbop
Ferca 81 Suede Pumps, $100 at TJMaxx
Thymes Fraiser Fir Candle, $60 at Amazon
Nate Berkus Upholstered Ottoman, $70 at Target
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bucket Bag, $468 at Shopbop


  1. i like the bag..nice wish list

  2. I might have to add that bag onto my wish list as well haha ♥


  3. Great list. Yes as I'm out shopping for others I inevitably pick out a few things for myself too, oops! Love the Marc by Marc bag!

    xo, Alice | Miss Inconnue | Etsy

  4. Great round up, love the suede shoes and that bag!

  5. When it comes to holiday wishlists, there's really no point in wasting time being practical - we want what we want, regardless of the cost or of how realistic it is that we might actually ever receive it. Most of my wishlist is designer pieces, whether it's shoes, handbags or furniture. I'm sure none of them will be under the tree and that's okay, too. Although I do hope you get that bench, because what a beautiful piece!

  6. I love copper pieces, and that copper kettle is so beautiful!

  7. Absolutely amazing wishlist! Love that ring, so delicate!

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  8. I wonder if it's too late to change my Christmas list to include those super cute heels!
    The Adored Life