Small goals

Lately I've been trying to create some new good habits. Much in the way that making my bed each morning gives me the feeling of a fresh start for each day,  I'd like to make sure my inbox has no unread emails before I go to bed at night. Sometimes nothing can feel more overwhelming than seeing 100+ emails, crying for attention.

I also need to make sure my clothes get put in the appropriate places at the end of the day. Throwing them on the chair seems like a great idea, until I need to sit in the chair and the clothes get transferred to the bed... then back to the chair... then they are a wrinkled mess and I can't remember what was 'cleanish' and what wasn't, so now it all gets added to the laundry pile.

The third goal is to bring things to the consignment store every month. There is the satisfaction of clearing out things, topped off by receiving a check. Two months ago I went through my jewelry drawer and came home with $28, last month I cleared out all the winter coats I no longer wear and got $15. This weekend I brought in a pile of purses I haven't used in a few years. I feel like I've scarcely made a dent in the number of things I have, but I need to continue to move in the direction of freeing myself of clutter.

camel coat, plaid scarf, cowl neck sweater-2.jpgcamel coat, plaid scarf, cowl neck sweater-7.jpgcamel coat, plaid scarf, cowl neck sweater-3.jpgcamel coat, plaid scarf, cowl neck sweater.jpgcamel coat, plaid scarf, cowl neck sweater-5.jpgcamel coat, plaid scarf, cowl neck sweater-6.jpgcamel coat, plaid scarf, cowl neck sweater-1.jpg
The Rundown
Sweater Gap similar
Distressed Jeans Old Navy similar
Camel Coat J.Crew via Goodwill similar
Booties "Calixta" Cole Haan
Red Willis Bag Vintage Coach via ebay similar$
Plaid Blanket Scarf Zara similar
Black Leather Gloves J.Crew similar
Earrings c/o JoJo Loves You



  1. Well done! I need to sort out my clothes but unfortunately we don't have any consignment stores. Selling them on ebay is so time consuming...
    I hope you'll have some spring weather soon...

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. That's so good! I need ot get rid of some things but I'm just so lazy and it's hard to get rid of certain things. But I'm going to be doing a tiny cleanout soon to test out a new trade-in site
    If you ever want to get rid of that bag, you know where to send it ;)

  3. I need to be like you and send my things to the consignment shop, goodwill, somewhere! I have way too much stuff and I feel like I'm buried in piles of mess. Super cute look love the boots.

  4. I think these are very good habits to get into. Especially clearing out the inbox--I feel like that's a neverending task!

  5. Sounds like some great habits to adopt! I am also trying to start developing some better habits - mostly in the organizing/scheduling department. Your scarf looks beautiful draped over your camel coat! Wonderful winter look.

  6. Very good habits to get into.
    Love your scarf and handbag!

  7. Yes! I make cleaning out my closet a priority. I hate the clutter.


  8. Unloading no longer needed items feels awesome. I sold a ton of stuff on Poshmark this weekend. Awesome for new and great habits.

  9. You were having another good hair day here! I am also really bad about having piles of clothes everywhere. At least my husband makes me pick up every few days. If he didn't, I would seriously have my whole closet contents around my bed.

  10. I need to get better about putting clothes away too! I love your bag! It's such a pretty color.


  11. I love making my bed in the morning, having everything in its place, and cleaning out my closet. Although lately I just don't want to get rid of anything, I like it all! It's a good place to be in. Good for you for slowly cleaning things out!

  12. Little steps matter and you're making progress! I think the pieces in your current outfit will be pretty timeless.It's figuring out what will stick around for a while that is hard!
    Oh and my husband used to sleep on his freshly washed laundry - it could be worse!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  13. Those sounds like some good goals to have. I am glad I am not the only one that keeps moving my clothes around :)


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  14. Love this scarf with your camel coat! I've been trying to keep up on small things like this too. They help me feel refreshed and give a sense of accomplishment.

  15. Great goals! I am still not great about making the bed although my husband helps keep me on track. Living with roommates that were neater than I was in college helped me with the clothes on the floor thing. I do try to take my clothes to the resale shop each month. If I don't, my closet just gets too full! Love that red coach bag. I have the blag one, and it's a favorite.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  16. Great goals and I also love clearing out. There is no better feeling:) You look sassy, darling. xoxo

  17. Loving these jeans on you- so cool.
    And I hear you- I can't leave clothes lying around too long, either. And the bed! Yes! Must make the bed before I leave the house. Another one for me: dog toys. My girls are always dragging out toys to play with, but I NEED to have them put away before I leave the house. They get them right back out once I leave, but whatever. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. I've been trying to do the same thing with my clothes! It's so hard for me to get rid of stuff because I keep thinking I'll use it later...but I never do. I have a few bags of clothes that I'm getting ready to get rid of and it feels good!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  19. And that's the reason I dont have a chair in my bedroom. It was used for placing clothes: a huge pile of them.
    You are SO LUCKY, that you can actually take your stuff somewhere to sell .. I found one consignment thrift store that has not sold anything in 6 months.
    Do you still sell things on line ? Like the time I bought the brooch ?

  20. Life without clutter really is the best thing. Living in a 300 square foot apartment in Paris taught me that. I definitely have more things living in Vancouver than I did when I was there, simply because I have more space to put them in, but I still try to be mindful of why I'm holding onto things. And if I'm not using something, it moves on to a home where it can be appreciated. But that's not always easy. On an outfit related noted, I'm so envious of your fabulous camel coat. It looks so perfect in these photos - the styling is just impeccable!