Belated New Year's Eve

Is it Friday already?! I'm not sure where this week went, but I have my final holiday outfit for you today, New Year's Eve. Yes, this outfit is actually somewhat of a repeat, but after throwing half my closet on my bed (typical) I just decided to go with it, and repeat or not, I was completely content with my choice.

The shimmery green-gold bodycon dress plays off the leopard perfectly, long sleeves make for an ideal winter dress, and the scoop back shows off just enough skin. It's dressed up, but not over the top, and the stretchy fabric was appropriate for the over indulgence that was my New Year's Eve. I also took advantage of my Rocksbox loans to make sure this time around the look had some fresh accessories!

I'm really pleased I was able to share my holiday looks with you this week, and I have to say, getting three sets of photos done in one afternoon made a huge difference in my week. The other upside is that I was having a good hair day! The negatives are having to change in the car and being outside for a prolonged duration. Even on a 'warm' day, by outfit three I was feeling like I might die of exposure. But I wouldn't say those are all fake smiles.

metallic bodycon dress, leopard coat.jpgmetallic bodycon dress, leopard coat-7.jpgmetallic bodycon dress, leopard coat-4.jpgmetallic bodycon dress, leopard coat-6.jpgmetallic bodycon dress, leopard coat-3.jpgmetallic bodycon dress, leopard coat-1.jpgmetallic bodycon dress, leopard coat-5.jpg
The Rundown
Dress Ciao Bella similar
Leopard Fur Coat JCP similar
Shoes Adrienne Vittadini via TJMaxx similar
Sequined Clutch Belonged to my Grandma similar
Bling Earrings c/o JoJo Loves You
Necklace House of Harlow via Rocksbox
Fatima Bracelet c/o Gorjana & Griffin
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Chevron Rings Gorjana via Rocksbox
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Nail Color "50 Years of Style" OPI


  1. That dress and jacket combo is amazing. It feels sort of 80s to me. But in a good way. Like a Pizzaz and the Misfits kind of way. I love it!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Such a great look! I would wear it every NYE, haha

  3. I love love love that coat and the scoop back of your dress is very pretty!

  4. Oh you look so pretty - and I really like the dress, which I don't recall seeing before.
    I have to admit I don't think I would ever go through all that trouble of taking 3 outfit pictures n one day and also changing on your car ?! OMG! I've only done that once. It was as I drove for a job interview...

  5. DAMN lady! You look gorgeous! Also, totally been there done that about the car changing thing. I've flashed entirely too many people.

  6. This is a perfect NYE outfit! This dress fits you like a glove and you are having a great hair day here! I love the leopard coat with it too. Good for you for getting your outfit photos done. I know it can be such a pain! Especially to change in the car! Yeesh!

  7. What a fabulous material that dress is made out of! And that coat screams fabulous--love it :)


  8. Three in a row! All gorgeous. This colour and shape are really beautiful on you ! Kx

  9. What a pretty dress! It's fitting for NYE but not too specific that it couldn't be worn for other occasions!

  10. Love the leopard coat! I love the last 3 outfits because I haven't posted some of my holiday outfits yet either!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. Getting three sets of photos done in one afternoon! I envy your dedication. Even on my best days, I never managed more than two - I somehow find it really exhausting getting my photo taken, never mind the whole having to change in the car and/or a public bathroom thing. I'm glad you really went for getting these photos, though, because I've loved seeing all of your holiday looks - this one most of all I think. This dress fits you like a glove and, well, you know how I feel about leopard coats ;)

  12. This coat is all sorts of FABULOUS! You look stunning.


  13. That dress is amazing! It fits you like a dream and your coat compliments it perfectly!

  14. I love that outfit!
    Melanie @

  15. Sexy! You look gorgeous girl! That dress suits you well!

  16. This is such a great NYE look! Love the coat :)

  17. Beautiful, Lydia! The golden shimmer combined with your jewellery and golden nails are great. And of course I love your coat.
    I have never seen you with a bad hair day... your hair always just looks perfect to me!!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  18. Pretty look and i ove so much your coat.
    See you soon

  19. chic and stylish, love your coat. xx

  20. You look incredible. The shimmery green dress is beautiful and I am crazy for your leopard coat.

  21. Ooh gorgeous, I love the pretty textures and colors of this NYE look. I'm glad you got to share your holiday looks with us!

  22. Hello gorgeous! This is the perfect NYE look! That dress is so pretty on you and that leopard coat just made this look a ten!!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  23. so chic!! <3
    visit my blog


  24. Totally in love with your shimmery dress...the back of it is gorgeous! So cute paired with that jacket!

  25. Loving that nail color! The coat and the dress are fantastic too :)



    My Closet Life Blog