Belated Christmas Day

Since we might as well go in order, here is what I wore on Christmas Day. I always go a little more casual for Christmas Day, and I thought it would be fun to wear the "Cheers" tee with a little bling.

The silver Kate Spade pumps were a Coco's find from just before the holidays, the store was having a half off sale and they were only $12! Granted they are a half size too big, but they don't fall off my feet when I walk and I'm hoping I can simply pick up a pair of insoles to fill them out.

Kate Spade, $12. It had to happen.

cheers tee, black skirt, silver pumps-1.jpgcheers tee, black skirt, silver pumps-2.jpgcheers tee, black skirt, silver pumps-4.jpgcheers tee, black skirt, silver pumps.jpgcheers tee, black skirt, silver pumps-3.jpgcheers tee, black skirt, silver pumps-5.jpgcheers tee, black skirt, silver pumps-6.jpg
The Rundown
Cheers Collector Tee J.Crew
Black Wool Cardigan Gap
Skirt c/o Vera Wang for Kohl's similar
Silver Pumps Kate Spade via Coco's similar similar$
Navy Foldover Clutch Clare V.
Crystal Flower Statement Necklace eBay exact
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring c/o Lumo
Gold Chain Bracelet Thrifted similar
Nail Color "50 Years of Style" OPI



  1. That T dressed up is perfect for a holiday look. And this can totally extend to any winter soiree.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  2. Great outfit! You look beautiful! :)

    Nikoleta, xoxo

  3. $12 shoes are great, $12 Kate Spades are unbelievable!! Great find!!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  4. This look is so glam and fun. The tights, necklace and heels take it to a whole other level. ;-)

  5. I can't even remember what I wore on Christmas. How sad is that? Then again, we had literally three Christmases with my family so it was really hard to keep track.

  6. This is such a great Christmas day outfit - definitely way more pulled together than my uniform of jeans and a sweater!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. Woohoo for Kate Spade! Such a cute outfit! :D

  8. Absolutely!!! What a steal and what a gorgeous Christmas outfit! I love the way those heels sparkle!

  9. This is such a gorgeous, festive look! Those shoes are such an awesome find, I hope you find some insoles to make the fit perfect. $12!!

  10. Love your graphic tee! Such a fun look!
    xo Southern Style

  11. Kate Spade for $12? It definitely had to happen. I must say, I really admire your dedication to getting dressed up on the holidays. Maybe it's just because where I grew up is so cold, but Christmas dressing has always been about layered sweaters and scarves for me more than anything. Oh, and testing out new pyjamas, of course :) I don't think I wore a skirt until NYE this holiday season!

  12. Just as perfect as yesterday's (well, Christmas Eve's!) look. I love the heels - such a bargain - and with your seams they look even more classy. The skirt is the perfect shape and length. Just beautiful! Kx

  13. $12?! What a steal!! This outfit is so cute and perfect for the holidays!

  14. Can I just be totally and completely jealous of your $12 KS find? Yes? Ok thanks. They add just the right amount of sparkle to this outfit and shine against the gray and black.

  15. Those shoes are an amazing find, and I love your tee!

  16. Love your shirt! It's never too late to post celebratory outfits!


  17. So in love with this outfit! That clutch is just so amazing.


  18. Those shoes!! I just love them so much!

  19. You look comfy and chic in this outfit. Kudos!!

  20. OMG, Kate Spade for $12???!!!?? That's steal. I wish we had such a great sales. This year somehow they're worst. Nothing exciting and sale prices still too high.
    You look lovely and I like that you added a bit of sparkle to this neutral look as well as that playful graphic t-shirt. It's all about the details.

  21. What a deal on the shoes, love the glammed up tee here too!

  22. Heck yes to the Kate Spade heels for $12! I would be doing the exact same thing!

  23. So perfect! Love it. And $12 KS shoes? That is seriously amazing!


  24. Those shoes....I am drooling!!


  25. Great buy on the shoes ! I'm obsessed with your clutch :)

  26. $12?! It would have been crazy not to buy them haha!!

  27. I would have bought them too at 12! I've bought them for a lot more :/
    Its been a while since I saw sheer tights, i had forgotten how good they look.
    BTW have you seen any Chanel flats on your thrift outings...?

  28. Those tights are so fun! And I'm loving the metallic heels!
    Jeans and a Teacup