Arctic tundra

I am waiting and hoping for this cold spell to break. The teens are just no fun, and lately outfit photos have become a game of just how quickly we can get them done and then literally sprint back to the car and try to revive our frozen digits.

Sean, who is always so sweet, gifted me with two merino wool sweaters for Christmas, because he just wants me to be warm, but also indulged my request for jewelry with this Gorjana Chevron necklace. It's the one I tried out from Rocksbox, which I liked, but sent back.

For my most recent, and what will be my last free trial Rocksbox, I requested various sizes of rings that I could wear together. I received one set of chevron stacking rings by Gorjana that I really like, along with another set by 8 Other Reasons, which are unwearable (too bulky, small, and uncomfortable), and a House of Harlow necklace.

With each of the three Rocksbox sets I only ended up liking two out of the three items, and I hated feeling obligated to wear the pieces just because I knew I only had them for a limited amount of time. I feel like I have two kinds of jewelry, the simple piece I wear nearly everyday, and the statement piece I pull out once in a blue moon. As a lover and collector of jewelry, I've decided Rocksbox isn't really a good fit. For someone with a more limited collection who doesn't feel the need to collect, I say give Rocksbox a try! You can get your first month free with code lydiaxoxo at checkout.

White Fur Collar Coat, Black Sweater, Beanie-1.jpgWhite Fur Collar Coat, Black Sweater, Beanie-3.jpgWhite Fur Collar Coat, Black Sweater, Beanie-7.jpgWhite Fur Collar Coat, Black Sweater, Beanie-2.jpgWhite Fur Collar Coat, Black Sweater, Beanie-9.jpgWhite Fur Collar Coat, Black Sweater, Beanie-8.jpgWhite Fur Collar Coat, Black Sweater, Beanie-6.jpg
The Rundown
Black Merino Wool Sweater Gap
Distressed Jeans Old Navy similar
White Fur Collar Coat Zara thrifted similar
Leather Trainers Nike c/o JD Sports
Bag "Alexa" Danielle Nicole c/o Serendipity and Grace
Grey Knit Cap Handmade similar
Black Leather Gloves J.Crew
Necklace "Greer V" Gorjana
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Chevron Rings Gorjana via Rocksbox
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx



  1. Love this look. Casual chic at it's best! Great sneakers and that coat looks so warm!


  2. This looks so warm and cozy!!!
    And yep, it's been so hard forcing myself to take photos every day! I'm trying to get ahead for my vacation in a couple weeks so I have to get pictures done every day to stay on track, ha ha

  3. GREAT coat!! I'm all about a fabulous white coat :)


  4. You look cozy, even if you are freezing! We do the same thing, sprint out of the car, quick pictures and sprint back!


    La Joie de Vivre

  5. This look is a little grunge for you but I love it. The Nikes are awesome and you always look great in a beanie hat. =))

    P.S. Join my link-up today, if you like. Thanks babe.

    Ada. =)

  6. Thank you for your honest review of this, Lydia! On another note, your outfit looks so cozy and I love your fabulous coat :)

  7. Great look! Love it <3

    check out my blog:

  8. nice cozy and casual outfit..
    i like it so much

  9. I love this funky, cozy look--those sneakers + the fur collar is fabulous! I hope it warms up for you soon!! I've never tried Roxbox, but I'm not a huge jewelry collector. I buy pieces that I know I'll wear again and again and that's pretty much it.

  10. You are a trooper for taking pictures when it is so cold out! I really like your jacket with the fur collar. It is so cute (and hopefully warm!)!

    Nicole to the Nines

  11. Good job Sean! I like how almost all of your posts lately are about how cold it is. I'm hoping for warmer weather just for you. Also I think you would be the perfect candidate for a southern winter. I'm so happy to hear your honest thoughts on rocksbox. I'm so particular about what I add to my jewelry collection anyway I'm not sure I'd want stuff other people picked out for me. It would be kinda fun for a minute then a bummer.

  12. such a cool look and I really want those sneakers in black now.


  13. What a gorgeous coat!! I LOVE the fur!


  14. This will sound incredibly silly, but I know you'll get it - anytime I think about the possibility of moving home, the first thing that crosses my mind is, "But how would we manage to do outfit photos in the cold?" And then the thoughts go away quickly, because honestly, I don't know how anyone can do it. But considering the frigid temperatures, I have to say I'm impressed by how stylish you constantly manage to look. And I'm a bit perturbed to admit that your sneakers have grown on me to the point that I just might want a pair for myself! Chalk that up to your fabulous style :)

  15. Yeah I think I would feel the same way about Rocksbox because I like being able to wear jewelry again, but then again, it could be fun some really over-the-top statement pieces. As for your fur collar coat, I want.

  16. I totally feel ya about the cold! It has been frozen in my part of town too! Good luck on staying warm. And I love that coat you thrifted! Super cute!

    Andréa Christine
    Polette Eyewear Review | SimplyFashionTV

  17. I know Rockbox would never work for me…. and heads up to Sean for being so thoughtful :)

  18. As great as you look in pics, I can't tell you are freezing as all! Love this casual look with the beanie and great sneakers!

  19. I love this classic color combo! Hope this cold weather warms up!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  20. Aw I hope it warms up for you soon!! At least you still look super cute in the arctic tundra! In love with that coat and those rings are so cute!! I wish I got those in my Rocksbox! I haven't been super crazy over any mine yet either... I still have one more though, so fingers crossed!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  21. I LOVE THAT COAT!!! What a great thrifted find!


  22. I love the necklace, but I can't imagine having to deal with returning and getting new pieces every month. I don't think I would be a good fit for such a program either, mostly because I wear jewelry so little that I wouldn't really be getting my money's worth.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  23. I love your honesty of your review! It seems a lot of the bloggers out there that get a lot of c/o items love everything they review. I have never been a fan of subscription services because I already have enough clothes, shoes, jewelry etc and the monthly fee would be a waste.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  24. How sweet of your boyfriend! Sounds like he got you some great items! That coat is so gorgeous. I really like the light color and fur collar! Hopefully it warms up for all of us soon!

  25. Yeah, I don't think subscriptions like Rock Box are for me either, I don't think I'd want to send them back once I wore them. What a pretty necklace here, definitely a great classic!

  26. Man this cold is killer. You are making it look so chic though! We are supposed to get 60s today and I feel like doing a happy dance! I am so over the teens. I totally agree about either wanting everyday pieces or statement pieces. I also like to be able to pick out my own stuff. I've always been afraid to try the jewelry subscriptions, and you confirmed my fears. :) Have a great weekend!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds