Just one

I'd hoped to grab a quick set of outfit photos after work this week - even though it was still freezing cold, the sun had been out all day for a change, and it wasn't a dark abyss at 4pm.

By the time I had the camera set up and the shot framed, my fingers became so cold they were throbbing in pain. I fired off a few shots as quickly as possible and hoped I had something useable as I hustled back to the still warm car.

So just one photo today.

striped shirt, denim, wool fedora, navy coat.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Shirt Gap similar
Jeans "Lola" Lucky Brand
Navy Coat Mark New York via South Moon Under
Boots Crown Vintage via DSW similar
Bag Linea Pelle "Astor" c/o Linger Rose
Wool Fedora H&M similar
Cashmere Scarf Second Time Around borrowed from Sean
Black Leather Gloves J.Crew


  1. You look gorgeous, love that coat! :)


  2. That one photo still shows a very fashionable lady :) I am loving the hat and brown booties!


  3. At least its a good picture! My first ones are usually garbage, haha. Love this outfit! :D

  4. Fabulous outfit! At least you don't look cold :)

  5. This is wonderful photo, you have captured perfectly your fabulous look.
    We have at the moment rainy days in Ireland, by rainy I mean it's strong winds mixed with rain. It makes me so frustrated that I can't get outfit photos. I hope by weekend weather will change for better.


  6. Well at least the effort and sacrifice of the freezing fingers was worth it - you look dashing !
    You look like you walked out of a catalogue.

  7. I so wish I could at least get one photo a day! So bravo! Love this outfit too!
    xo Adri

  8. You don't look that cold! I really like this outfit, especially your coat!

    Nicole to the Nines

  9. One photo of one great outfit! LOVE the hat and coat--adds a great bit of drama while being practical.

  10. Omgsh I feel ya--it is soooo cold right now by us!! Being outside is painful. This is a great shot tho--love the outfit :)


  11. I feel your pain. Usually, by the time we finish taking photos, I'm so cold that I've gone numb and don't even feel it anymore - better, I suppose, than throbbing from cold, but still. Luckily, the one photo is a good one. And I love the combination of your navy coat and black hat!

  12. Girl, I DO NOT BLAME YOU! This one shot is better than I see on a ton of blogs anyway so you nailed it! Love, love, love this!

  13. Haha, I LOVE it. Yes, I do not even want to think of outfit photos right now. Not too mention, I'm in sweatpants and sweatshirts as often as I can be. Props to you for looking SO chic!

  14. The things we do for our blogs! You are a brave one. I love the hat with this look.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  15. It's one good picture! I love it. So you take the photos yourself? I've been having little luck with that. Do you mind me asking what camera do you use? And do you use the timed shutter or a manual clicker? thanks!

  16. You are a million times better than me. The moment I got home I rushed inside and put on three layers to get warm. How does it get colder over the day? Hello winter.

  17. It was -30 with windchill when I went to work today. Craziness! Love that coat! You look so chic! I gave up on that a while ago and pile on the layers whenever I go outside now!

  18. Hey 1 is better than none--glad you could show off that cute look! It's been frigid here too, lots of numb fingers and the like. Yay for winter. :/

  19. Based on what I'm seeing in the news about the weather around the country, I don't blame you! I'd really like to learn how to take pics on my own as well!


  20. Girl, I feel ya! And I take my own photos too!
    I am loving the slightly longer days and that I can shoot photos after work on sunny days as of this week, but I tried to take photos last sunday and my fingers were in so much pain I was nearly in tears! Oh the struggle... (Hence my also very short outfit post yesterday). Hopefully it will warm up for us soon!


  21. One photo, but still a great photo!

  22. No worries! Sometimes one photo is all you need! :) Although it does make it tricky to see accessories....I'm hoping to get back to having time to take accessories pics soon, but it's usually just one shot and off I go haha. You did well, great lighting for your photo !I know in winter here it is tricky taking shots in the evenings with the low light, I'm so lucky we don't have the same kind of cold you have to contend with too.

    Away From The Blue
    2015 Wardrobe Inventory Linkup

  23. It has been freezing, and I hate it! Luckily you were able to get one fabulous picture, you look so chic!

  24. Ha, sometimes I am stretching it to get a couple. It's amazing what cropping can do. ;) This winter is making blog pictures so hard! Thankfully the one you got is awesome. Love the hat.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  25. That is one picture photo Lydia. I am loving the coat and hat. You look great in hats. =)

    If you like, I am co-hosting a new link-up. Come link this beautiful outfit with us. Thanks, Ada. =)


  26. Poor thing! I know what it's like to feel the dread of that cold. Hope it gets warmer by you soon.

    Thrifting Diva