Late night

This weekend was the bachelorette party of my soon to be sister in law. We went to New York City, and we started at noon on Saturday, and ended a little after noon on Sunday.
Because the main objective of the weekend was to go out and have fun, I decided to leave the camera at home, but I did get iPhone photos of two of my three outfits.
And lots of Hipstamatic photos of everything else, so enjoy.
Grand Central
up aboveLights
Arriving at Grand Central

The Rundown
Top TJMaxx - Skirt H&M - Sandals Naturalizer - Necklace Kohls - Earrings Aldo - Bag Nine West

tasty pomegranite frozen margarita
Our day began with pomegranate margaritas, followed by manni/peddis with cosmos, getting ready to go out with champagne... and then the night began!
View from our hotel window
rooftop bar
View from the 230 Fifth Rooftop Garden

Sorry, I don't have any photos of what I wore going out; it was this black and gold dress, layered chain necklaces, black sandals, and a little gold bag.

It was a late night as you can imagine, so I planned on my go-to travel dress for Sunday, with all of Saturdays accessories. What is wonderful about this dress is that I can literally roll it in a ball, stuff it in my bag, and still pull it out and have it look perfect.
The Rundown
Dress Avon - Jacket NY&Co. - Sandals Naturalizer - Necklace Kohls - Earrings Aldo
watch the gap
After brunch and good-byes, I stuck around the city for a few more hours to go shopping, and I had to go to H&M, seeking a few pieces from their Conscious Collection. More on that and why I now, officially really dislike H&M at a later time.

Hope you all had weekends as fabulous as mine!


  1. Looks like you had a blast in NYC. I love H&M skirt...I'm curious to know what happened!
    much love.

  2. ooo that looks so fun!!! Rooftop bars are my fave!

  3. Looks like lots and lots of fun. Pics are great!

  4. I love your H&M skirt -- super cute!
    xo Josie

  5. Hey, these photos still look great! I have some iPhone photos on my blog that turned out even better than my point-and-shoot camera (because that's all I Great atmosphere here, and pretty clothes!

  6. Your shots are always so clear but I still like the ones from your iphone too. And that b/w dress is the perfect travel dress, ever.

  7. The Avon dress is beautiful. I often leave my camera at home otherwise I find the picture taking gets in the way of having fun. Plus my camera is so heavy

  8. amazing pics!
    love your first outfit!
    you look amazing!

  9. What a fabulous getaway! I wish I lived that close to NYC :)

    P.S. I'm not a huge H&M either, but I would like to hear your reasons.

  10. How much fun! I love your picture of the Empire State Bldg with the crowd ... your striped skirt was the perfect way to start!!

  11. Sooo much fun!!!
    and uh oh...I wonder why you really hate H&M now XD

  12. Looks like a really fun time! I'm anxious to hear why you hate H&M though...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. This looks like such a wonderful time and you look soooo happy. I think that's the best part.


  14. So much fun! Glad you could have a weekend in the city with friends and soon-to-be sisters!
    Love the various looks and can't wait to here the H&M tale of woe!

  15. That must have been a blast!

    Stop by and join my Bath & Body Works Giveaway!

  16. love the candid photos... must have been fun.. would love to go to NY someday!!! oxo J

  17. Looks like you had a lovely time! Great photos!

  18. Grand Central is one of my favorite places !
    If it wasn't for Jackie O - it would have been torn down.
    It seems like you had a good time - I am totally envious and hope I can make it to NY this year.

  19. Awesome weekend, I feel like I know the striped skirt photo location but I just can't place it... hmm... I love dresses that can be crumpled and still come out looking great. I don't have many of those so normally I just end up trying to look like it's deliberately wrinkled :P

  20. I walk by the exact spot in Grand Central every morning! I'm glad you had such a fun weekend :)