Scalloped heart

As you know, and as my best friends know, I've been very vocal about my desire to own a pair of scalloped shorts for quite some time time now. I've been lusting after them for about a year now.

This post is about why I now hate H&M, and why my best friends are awesome.
(If you aren't in the mood for a long rant, feel free to skip to the photos.)

It was my birthday last month and I went out to celebrate with my two best gals, and neither of them had gifts for me at the time. One was en route and the other wasn't out yet. When my friend Ellie asked me what I wanted and I mentioned the scalloped shorts from the H&M Conscious Collection she promised to get them for me.
The collection came out on April 14th, two days after my birthday, so Ellie drove to the mall to get them at H&M. When she didn't see them on the floor, she decided to ask a sales associated if maybe not everything from the collection was out yet. The first two people had no idea what she was talking about, then finally a manager told her they would be getting some more things in by the weekend.

Ellie and I went back that weekend and I, not immediately seeing them, went to ask. The sales girl I spoke to was not at all interested in helping me. First I showed her a photo of the shorts on my iPhone, and she told me that if it was online, then it wouldn't be in the store. When I explained it was part of the collection that had just come out, she told me if I didn't see it, they didn't have it. I started to ask her another question when she just walked away from me.

I found someone else to speak to and asked if maybe they could contact another store in the area and have them sent to this one, she told me if they did have them, I'd have to go there myself, and then walked away.

I left feeling really put-out, and I was feeling bad that Ellie had driven to the mall twice in a few days for me and had no shorts to show for it. She just gave me a gift card so I would at least have something.
When I got home I called other H&Ms. The people I spoke to on the phone had no idea what I was talking about. One of my conversations went something like this:
Me: Hi, I was wondering if you had the scalloped hem shorts from the new collection in stock?
H&M Girl: (to someone on her end) Do you know what a scalloped short is? (the reply was no)
(to me) You mean it has pictures of scallops on it?
***At this point, I thought this girl was crazy, because I was imagining the little round white blobs you eat. But after the fact I realized she was probably (hopefully) thinking about the shell.***
Me: No, the hem is wavy.
H&M Girl: No, we don't have anything like that.
  Raw Scallops                                                         Scallop Shell

I got similar responses from all the other H&Ms I called, so I decided I'd just have to get them in New York.
When I walked in to the NY Store (I can't remember which one) I spotted the scalloped blazer right away, but couldn't find the shorts. I spoke to another sales associate, this time a man, and he looked around a little, and told me he'd seen them yesterday, but didn't know where they'd moved to.

Eventually I spotted one pair amongst all the other regular hem shorts. A size bigger than I'd been hoping to find, but I scooped them up and tried them on just the same. Silly me, I decided to find other employee to ask if they could maybe look up in their computer if there were anymore pairs of the shorts in stock, but I got the same old "if it's not on the floor..." response.
But H&M is a big store. Like three floors. Anyone could pick something up and carry it around and then leave it somewhere else (heck, I did that day!) and if they could tell me "yes, we do have a few more pairs in stock" then I'd know it wouldn't be a waste of time to search for them.

And again, no one was willing to contact any other H&Ms for me, or even offer me directions to them. Not that I needed directions because I have an iPhone, but still.
The customer service was terrible. Across the state. Across two states. Is their company policy simply to be as unhelpful as possible?

Needless to say, I bought the shorts that were a size too big anyway. And the blazer too, for good measure.
As for my other amazing best friend, she got me the black scalloped shorts from Urban Outfitters.
I like the both, the black ones are super short and sexy, the beige ones are a bit more modest, and maybe I can get away with wearing them to work...?
Scalloped heart Scalloped heart Scalloped back hat and hem Scalloped heart
The Rundown
Top Gap - Scalloped Blazer H&M - Jeans TJMaxx - Sandals Seychelles Gypsy - Bracelet (orange) Kohls - Bracelets (gold) The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Ring Lia Sophia - Hat NY&Co. - Nail Color Dashing Diva Miranda's Law*

*The namesake of the nail color is actually that of Miranda from Sex and the City, and Dashing Diva is the nail salon where we went in NY - I'd never been to a place that had it's own line of nail colors!


  1. That was sweet of your friend, and I am totally disappointed by the service you got from H&M.

  2. Wow that is just garbage!! I've never had to ask employees anything so I've not had that type of experience (though I've only been to an H&M a couple times in my life).
    You would think H&M would tell all the associates about all the collections or they would be required to know...why work there if you are going to be rude and stupid *sigh*
    Well I'm glad you got them in the end though!

  3. I'm sorry you were treated so horribly. I think you should contact corporate an let them know so that they can take care of the situation.

  4. The scalloped hem on that jacket is just the best! Sorry you had a rough time with the employees.
    Seriously though, how do you work at a clothes store and not know what a scalloped hem is?

    <3 Sarah

  5. The good things first: That blazer is super cute and can't wait to see both the black and beige shorts. And your hair looks gorgeous and full.

    The bad things: UGH! So annoying about the H&M customer service. There is nothing more frustrating than people who don't care, especially when it's part of their job to be friendly and helpful. Boo, hiss!

  6. That is incredibly crappy service. :(

    I love both pairs of shorts and the blazer, and even considered driving two hours to the nearest H&M store to search for them. Then, I realized I was being absurd, and that I should focus my attention on the UO shorts, especially if H&Ms service is that terrible.

    Love the outfit!

  7. Oh wow, this outfit is super! The nail colour is gorgeous, so are the shoes.
    Thank goodness for best friends.

  8. Wow, what a frustrating experience! Poor customer service is such a pet peeve of mine, since I spent several years working in customer service myself. I just had a huge customer service nightmare last week, and it's so disappointing how rude people can be these days.

    Nonetheless, the blazer is really pretty! I hope you can enjoy your scalloped shorts and blazer despite all of that.

  9. I worked at H&M during my college years and yes customer service sucks there. Being employed by them is just as bad for the sales associate. It's still not a reason for them to be mean and ignorant. I'm sorry you had such a horrible time there, but I'm happy you found your shorts.

    I love your make-up today the bright lips and nails are WONDERFUL! You look lovely!! :)

  10. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience - that all sounds so terribly frustrating and, well, just infuriating! I'm glad you got the UO shorts though....and your friends definitely sound amazing.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. I just can't get over how beautiful this outfit is! I love it! Lookin fab on you pretty lady! xoxo

  12. I'm really sorry about your experience with H&M customer service at the retail stores. I actually had a pretty crappy experience at the D.C. flagship but I called the corporate customer service and they were beyond amazing. I just told them of my concern (I wasn't even upset or anything) and they remedied it right away, and even mailed me a personal letter with a gift card. Next time if the sales associates are being lousy, I suggest calling the corporate customer service.

    All in all, I'm glad you finally got the coveted scalloped shorts!
    much love.

  13. Wow that sounds like a nightmare! I used to work in retail and I can never understand how some people can be so incompetent and rude! It's only their job to be able to help you.

    Anyway, at least that blazer is adorable!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  14. This look is SO pretty! I love when basic pieces have chic little details like the ruffles and scallops to keep things interesting and surprising. The red shoes are a nice touch too. Love it!! <3shelby

  15. "If you don't see it, then we don't have it", one of my BIGGEST customer service pet peeves. GAH!!

  16. Customer service comes at a price, and I'm not sure H&M qualifies as it is still a reasonably priced clothing line. As an example, I saw a purse at Armani in Vegas at the Bellagio, and a week later (a few days before Valentine's Day) my hubby called and asked them about the purse. The sales lady actually remembered me, knew what purse I had fallen in love with, and had it flown out next day air. That's service and the price of it was a pretty penny. You are so fabulous in your scalloped hem jacket. Forgive the innocent. It's the fault of management . . . this I know. xoxoxo kris

  17. That is rubbish service. Glad you got your shorts in the end though and can't wait to see them.

  18. bad customer service is the worst. if you dont wana serve the people that put money in your damm pocket get another job!!!

    you look great and the jacket youre wearing is amazing :)
    Lydz xX

  19. That's annoying and frustrating. But don't just blame H&M because poor customer service rules in many stores around here (all successful multinational ones).
    A little training would of course be useful. I asked about their Conscious Collection dresses in Hong Kong this weekend and the cashier said that there's no section for them, they're just all over the store. Great...

    Scallop hems are too fun!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. Shame about the customer service, but I'm not sure H&M pay enough for people to be especially helpful.

  21. So sorry to hear about your scallop shorts experience.

    H&M here in Hong Kong is exactly the same. They won't help stock checking. They'd just tell me what I can find on the floor is all they have. At first I was appalled, but I guess I got used to it...

  22. I am surprised that you got the shorts after all that, but I guess you've been wanting them so long...

    I have never asked for help at H&M because most of the people who work there look like they could care less. And apparently they do! I would definitely boycott them if I were you ;)

  23. Love the whole outfit! Amazing!

  24. ohh that is super annoying and frustrating!! but at any rate the blazer looks amazing!

  25. i work for a large department store that is very big on providing excellent customer service, so what you got at h&m disgusts me! But, that blazer looks awesome! so romantic!

  26. Oh girl, I can hear you! First, wanting something and not being able to get that and second, being treated like that by store employees...
    Glad you had a Happy End to your 'scalloped' story!
    Marusya V

  27. I adore the scallops on that jacket! The neutrals look great with the pop of red in the shoe-I love it!

  28. What a journey to get the shorts! Super frustrating, though, that no one could be bothered to assist you properly.

  29. 1. You have amazing friends.
    2. I hate that about H&M ! AS it is the SAME in the store in VA where I go. They never have anything, you take the printed items and show them what you are looking for and they say they don't have it without even looking ! THEY tend to forget to pays their salaries....
    3. I like, really like your scalloped cardi:)

  30. Love Love Love the red shoes! And your scalloped blazer is obsessive! You loook fannntastic!

    xo Advice From A Caterpillar Store

  31. Love Love Love the red shoes! And your scalloped blazer is obsessive! You loook fannntastic!

    xo Advice From A Caterpillar Store

  32. Yea its not really my style of a bag either, hehe...but that's an awesome suggestion for the canvas tote version, I'll have to tell her that, haha :)

  33. Okay that is an awful story. Very awful. Silly people at H&M. Good news is that the blazer you have from them is super cute as is the orange detail in outfit. Cute!

  34. Ack! Sorry about your terrible experience. What ever happened to "the customer is always right"?

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  35. I'm chuckling to myself while reading this...I had almost the EXACT experience @ H&M in Chicago. It was extremely frustrating and I can't help but get an attitude when I deal with someone who would rather be lazy than do their job. They must train them to talk to customers in circles so that they can do the least amount of work. And yes, they do always look like they don't give a shit... lo and behold, they actually don't!

  36. do the people who work at h&m get crack along with their paychecks bi-weekly?!?! how the hell do they not know what "scalloped" means? hilarious story.
    the first picture of you- my favorite of all you posted! you look gorgeous! your hair, the lipstick, the colors, everything! :)

  37. I love H&M in so many ways, but I have never had a customer service experience with them that was anything less than horrible. That said, I've never wanted anything from the store as badly as you wanted the scalloped shorts... If I can't find what I'm looking for after a cursory inspection of the store, I usually just move on. Can't wait to see you wearing the shorts you worked so hard to find, though. And in the meantime, you are looking stunning in these shots, especially the second one. So beautiful!

  38. Geez, what an awful experience! I've never found the H&M employees around me to be very helpful either; most seem annoyed if you have a question or want any sort of help. Glad you were able to get not one, but two pairs in the end! Love the blazer.

  39. Ugh what a shame about H&M, when are they supposed to launch online shopping? I love those shorts though and I can't wait to see how you wear them!

  40. That must've been so frustrating. Oh well, atleast you got them in the end. I hadn't realised a scallop hem looks this good on a blazer as well.

  41. That is too bad about H&M, although my experiences there have been less than great, as well.

    On the flip side, this blazer is fantastic! And I'm excited to see how you style both the shorts, especially how you might style the beige ones to be office-appropriate!

  42. First of all, I LOVE those scalloped shorts soooo much. I actually spotted them on your site before I read this entire story and was planning to go seek them out until I read this. It really drives me nuts when people are THAT unhelpful. Glad you got them (tho in the wrong size) but sorry you had to go through that. Very cute gifts! You have great friends!

  43. *Ok, here's a nice little rant in your comment. Skip if you like.*

    That totally bums me out because we are getting our first H & M in our state and I've only ever been to one before, just browsing and not needing any assistance, but it kind of puts me off going. Everyone I know is so psyched for it, but the one time I went to the store, I didn't see anything awesome like you're scalloped shorts. It was all neon colors and bold graphics, which I'm not into at all. Maybe I need to give them another chance. I'm sorry that they were so awful and unhelpful. Working in retail before and doing those things for people, and knowing how easy it is to do that, it makes me angry that they were so unwilling.

  44. Well, this jacket is beautiful, and I love everything about how you styled it. Seriously--I want to just steal this whole look!
    Also, we don't have an H&M where I live, but this makes me not want to shop there when I go somewhere that does have one. That is ridiculous the way they treated you and your friends (and it sounds like you have great friends). I just don't understand how people can be so rude and snobby... to customers no less!!
    Oh, and I was totally thinking she was imagining the raw scallops too which made me giggle.

  45. What a brutal experience! There is just no excuse for bad customer service... that is the field that these people have chosen to work in!! Have you twittered to H&M about your experience? I've had good luck with twitter complaints maybe because it's a public forum. How silly that you know more about their stock than they do! On the upside you look so beautiful and ethereal here!!

  46. Wow, that sound terrible but, at least you got what you wanted in the end! I would totally have given up. Dashing Diva is so crazy for the most part I feel like they just copy their colors from Essie.

  47. This entire outfit from head to toe is amazing!!!