Discount Diving

pencil skirt, black satin button down, bone t-straps

I believe that there are two kinds of shoppers: those who shop in the front of the store, and those who shop in the back.

Front store shoppers have more choices, and a better chance at getting what they want in their size. They don’t worry that something might go on sale next week if they want/need it at the moment. Also, if something doesn’t workout, they’ve generally got a better chance at returning it and getting their money back.

Those of us in the back sometimes get more enjoyment out of the idea of saving money than getting pieces that work well and fit well and will be good additions to our wardrobe.
There is always that though – if it’s on sale, it is because no one else wanted it.

But I am a back shopper, and I don’t mind sifting through the piles of dirt to find the gold. Generally, I do quite well, I find things that work. But every so often, I happen upon what I believe is too great a discount to pass up, and I buy it, determined to make it work.

There is only one rule: no additional money can be spent to make the piece wearable. If it needs a cammi, or a special bra or an alteration, I must already own it or be able do it myself.

My first item was simple fix, a high waisted pencil skirt about 6 inches too long for me. The tags stated that the original value was $220, and I paid $30.

Love the skirt, makes me feel put together, sexy, and important.

More of my crazy* discount purchases to come.

*are the prices so low that it’s crazy, or am I crazy for buying them?

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