Review of Magix Face Perfector

Avon’s new(ish) face cream promises to keep faces shine free for ten hours, leave skin so soft, and put the shrink ray to pours. SPF 20 also included. For $10, that seems like a great deal, and as someone with oily skin I’m willing to try anything to get me out of the six blotting papers a day habit.

My first impression of the cream was the smell – I did not like it at all. Fortunately it dissipated fairly quickly. Second, the texture was quite odd, almost as if I were rubbing a piece of spandex fabric on my face.

It rubbed in very easily and left no residue and absolutely no shine; something I’ve always had to deal with when applying face creams with SPF in the past.

Seven hours later my face is feeling a bit oily, but almost no shine is detectable. This is a notable improvement for me, and I would imagine on someone with only moderately oily skin, this would work even better.

As for my pours, they seem about the same, and as long as I stay far away from a magnifying mirror, I can usually make my peace with them.

Overall, I’m pleased with the cream and will continue to use it – if the one ounce tube* lasts through the summer, I will consider it an excellent purchase.

*I really dislike the design of the tube – the oddly tapered cap prevents it from standing up on its own, which translates to having to lay it down and consuming more surface area than necessary in a crowed bathroom.

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