Brazil Beat: Avon's New Summer Sent

I've never reviewed a perfume before - I'm probably the least qualified person to do so, as I've been pretty dedicated to Gap's Dream since middle school. But I am completely in love with Brazil Beat which, in a word, is yummy.

I've never been to Brazil, but if this sent is anything like what it really smells like there, I will pack my bags!

It is fruity, and floral and not heavy and overpowering; my number one complaint for 90% of the perfumes I've tried. It does not smell like coconut, pineapple, or the beach - but it defiantly smells like summer.

I can't seem to get enough of it - so be sure and snatch up a bottle at the intro price of $9.99!
There also seems to be some Brazil Beat shimmering body lotion on ebay, which I did not know existed, and subsequently will now have to buy. There is just something about the idea of being all shimmery and glowing that I truly love. (and no, it's not just because Edward shimmers!)

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