But Then God Said No, Use a Water Bottle Instead

I feel like I never drink as much water as I should, sometimes realizing that it’s 10:37 pm and I haven’t had a single glass of water yet.

So the bottle of Poland Spring water was eventually adopted as the goal for the day. Perfect in both its ability to travel as well as sit out on my desk all day (I have no aversion to room temp water) my mind was soon at peace knowing I’d had my 20 oz of water each day.

But then I started to think about all the plastic bottles – about the hazards of BPA and if it really is leaking out of the plastic – about the environment and harm of plastic – about the oil it took to make it – and this gets to be a bit much.

Feeling frustrated and choosing ignorance, I went to go get a bottle of water from the basement. I flicked on the light and went down a few steps – but then I stopped dead in my tracks. There, like an evil gatekeeper, was one of the bugs I fear most, about an inch and a half in length, more legs than I could ever possible count, incredible speed coupled with the ability to climb walls and ceilings. I don’t know what this bug is, but I ran back up the stairs, slammed the door, and got my water in a glass instead.

While it’s probably just a coincidence that a malicious bug was on my basement stairs while I happened to be pondering the universe and the plastic bottle – but perhaps I’ll buy a stainless steel refillable bottle anyway. They have some really cute ones, and it will be great until they realize that stainless steel is killing everyone and everything too.

My favorite is the personalized bottle from Sigg. Pick a design, add your words, for just under $30, it’s not too bad.

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