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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Things I have learned: after six years with this dress and a love/hate relationship with it's awkward length, I'm finally done with it.

And, when my boyfriend says "Lets go take outfit photos now." and I say, "I don't want to anymore, it's too dark." he will get in my car and blow the horn until I put my shoes back on we go take photos.

green dress, leopard heels-4.jpggreen dress, leopard heels-3.jpggreen dress, leopard heels.jpggreen dress, leopard heels-2.jpggreen dress, leopard heels-1.jpg
The Rundown
Green Midi Dress Max Studio via TJMaxx similar
Leopard Pumps "Okala" Sam Edelman similar $
White Mini Satchel Tignanello via TJMaxx similar
Gold Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Hexagon Cuff Bracelet Line and Label similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Green Ring Taken for Granite
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Turquoise and Caicos" Essie


KP said...

Loving thos shoes! Happy 4th Weekend!

Eleventh & Sixteenth

Rebecca said...

Whoa ....someone's looking so HOT and stylish! Love this look on you....hope you have a lovely 4th!!!


Alecia Mariana said...

This dress looks gorgeous on you!! And those heels!! Amazing!

La Joie de Vivre by Alecia Mariana
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Rachel Turone said...

Well I think you look hot lady!!this dress is amazing on you.. Seriously gorgeous and so flattering. Are you sure you're done with it? Love the mixing prints with the shoes too, perfection right there! Xx

Rachel Lynne said...

This dress is so incredibly flattering! You look like a million bucks!

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha, well that's a keeper of a boyfriend! I think these came out great even though its "dark"
Poor dress, I know what you mean though, I hate awkward lengths!

TheTinyHeart said...

You could always hem to dress to a shorter length! The wrap style is very flattering on you.

The Tiny Heart
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Laura B said...

Done with the dress?! It looks good on you and is really flattering! And you could always hem it to be shorter if you wanted. I love it with the leopard print heels!

Svetlana Procopova said...

you look gorgeous! love your dress!
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My Kurves said...

How can you be done with this dress that fits you so well? You look darn good in it and the color is great on you.Enjoy your weekend!

Whitney James said...

Really loving this dress! Happy 4th...xo!

Adri Lately said...

Umm how do I get my boyfriend to start doing that? And you look amazing in this dress!
xo Adri

Nnenna Odeluga said...

Loving you in this outfit- so classy! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July :)

Frannie Pantz said...

LOL What a sweetheart! So do you have him take your photos now? I have major anxiety/control issues with my husband taking my photos. I think this dress looks great on you!

Shannon Jenkins said...

Well I love it!! I think you look like a littl chic hot mama! Love the shoes too!

<3 Shannon

Courtney Erin said...

Please don't be done with this dress - it's amazing on you!!!!

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Meghan Hayes said...

The midi heel looks great with the midi dress. The pattern is cute. I've always had a love hate relationship with my Max Studio items, but I end up loving them after all. You wear it so well.

Jeans and a Teacup said...

I actually really like the dress! But I love midi lengths... I think it looks great on you too!
Jeans and a Teacup

Yaudy Cristina said...

That dress looks beautiful on you! Nice pairing with the animal print.

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

My goal is to get a pair of those Okala pumps. I just love them so. Hoping they go on sale soon!! I've been wanting them FOREVER!!

Rachelle (http://pinksole.com/) said...

Your boyfriend is awesome if he forces you to take outfit photos. You look gorgeous, I always struggle with dresses that length too.


Cee said...

It sounds like you have found yourself a very good man :) Although this dress looks gorgeous on you - I love the slightly 70s vibe of the top half - there is nothing worse than a piece that never feels quite right no matter how many ways you try to wear it. You're better off just moving on to something that makes you feel fabulous.

Nikki said...

Ummm my husband has never once said "Let's go take outfit pictures." He has said "Do we have to??" many times. I think this dress looks great on you!


Lorena said...

Its a beautiful dress and i think it looks marvelous.
Then again I can totally relate as the garment also has to make you feel good and confident - so yes let it go.
And I cannot believe he would do that! I'd let him stay out there honking until the neighbors took care of him.

libys11 said...

so fancy!!! that dress is so lovely on you! i love it with the leopard shoes! :D

Animated Confessions

Lady of Style said...

Done with your dress?? Send it over :-)
You look fabulous, Lyddie! Perfect style and I do like the length.

Annette | Lady of Style

Bree Alwin said...

This look so lovely! The color and cut of the dress look so great and I love the shoes!

Lulu Monema said...

You are stunning with this dress dear, really elegant and this shoes and dress are gorgeous.


Mica T said...

Love the print on your dress! Shame you aren't keeping it, it's very pretty :) You could always shorten it?

Away From The Blue

caffinatedlove said...

Gorgeous! The combination of awkward-length dress with leopard-print heels is something I would totally wear. I'm glad you got back off the couch to photograph it. :P



The Real Arnolds said...

Oh I love this dress on you! I think it is very flattering on you. I don't think it has an awkward length. Have a great holiday!

xo, Amy Ann
The Real Arnolds

Shea Sayers said...

Aww, that's sweet of your boyfriend. And I like the dress, but I understand when you just don't feel right about something. Is it one that you could get hemmed? (For me though, that's one of those things I'll say I'm going to do but then I don't ever actually do...oh well.)

Ali Hval said...

Oooh, boyfriend? I've not heard of him! Or have I? My mom told me about this post and that you mentioned a boyfriend so I had to check it out asap hahaha. :)

That's a good boyfriend, though, honking at you until you take pictures. And these photos are absolutely flawless! I love the location and those heeeeeeels.

Kim Alston said...

That dress is a keeper! Looks fabulous on you! You have an awesome boyfriend! I love that he supports what you like to do. You don't find that much anymore.

Alexandra Shook said...

As a fellow petite I am all too familiar with the awkward length problem. The pattern is so gorgeous, though... ever thought of hemming it?

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

What a beautiful wrap dress. Love the midi length. It is meant for your body. You look smashing hot in it. =)