October Budget

The giant pile of boxes that arrived on my porch this afternoon not withstanding, here is what I added to my closet this October.

J.Crew Teddy Bomber Coat, $63
J.Crew Factory Midi Skirt, $34
Abercrombie & Fitch Bodysuit, $41
Ray-Ban Sunglasses, $56 at TJMaxx
Franco Sarto Mules, $20 at DSW
H&M Houndstooth Pants, $45
J.Crew Factory Camisole, $18
Vintage Scarab Necklace, $20 at Etsy
Ann Taylor Wide Leg Marina Pant (black and white), $29 each
Charles David Mules, $60 at TJMaxx
Abercrombie & Fitch Midi Skirt, $23

Vintage Bag, $35 at Anna Pearl's Curiosities


  1. I love that teddy coat! There was a similar one here that everyone went nuts for over autumn. I figured it wouldn't get much wear in Brisbane and didn't go for it, but I do regret that decision a little. I'm sure I'll regret it more seeing all the similar cosy coats on the northern hemisphere bloggers now, haha!

    Hope that your week is going well! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Ooh that teddy coat! I still want one but can't decide if I want a long one or one like that, haha...but who am I kidding we know I'll never pull the trigger

  3. I love that bodysuit that you added, the color is super pretty! The teddy coat looks so cozy!

  4. I love that J.Crew teddy bomber coat! Such a cute transitional piece for fall.

    xx Mollie

  5. You could practically do a capsule wardrobe with these pieces! They all mix and match so well! I love the colors! Great shopping this month!

  6. I have been eyeing that teddy coat for quite awhile! Also love that midi skirt, what a great Factory find!!

  7. I love these picks. A Teddy coat has been on my lair for so long. Maybe I’ll get one this season.

    Xx, Nailil

  8. I love that you really went, intentionally or not, for a really autumnal colour palette with your purchases this month. Every piece just looks like fall. And since I already recognise several of them from prior blog posts, I have to say that I feel like you did well in terms of buying things that you're really wearing. I'm just getting into my fall shopping groove, which is to say I've bought a whole bunch of things for a season that is just days from ending (most likely) and, well - I should regret it, but I don't. Not even a little ;)

  9. I think green skirt is gorgeous. It would look great with mules ♥

  10. These are amazing picks! I love the coat and the cream mules!

  11. Love the teddy bomber coat so cute!!
    Xo, Kelsey

  12. I'm loving that bodysuit! I've been seeing some nice things from A&F lately; it's been while since I've been in there, but will have to check it out again!

    xo - lisa


  13. Pretty picks dear! Loving that skirt and teddy blber jacket.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  14. I'm obsessed with satin right now, so these are right up my alley!

  15. You can mix and match all of these so well! I'm swooning over all the colors and textures!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  16. The scarab necklace ! a very cool find. I've been shopping and selling and I no longer know what I own or what I've bought or sold :(