My Favorite Jumpsuits

I never thought I would be one to embrace the jumpsuit trend, but they turned up, weren't going away, and inevitably lulled me in with their simple one piece style. It's true, they are no dress, because nothing is easier than a dress, but they do have their merits.

I'm most in love with the wide leg style, I want jumpsuits to feel breezy and comfortable on hot summer days, and I love how the fabric billowing around my legs affords that. While I got this one at Old Navy last year, they have brought back the same style in some new prints and solids, and the shirred elastic panel on the back allows for easy on-off and flexibility with sizing.

I've linked some of my favorite jumpsuits I've got my eye on, and most of them are under $100 (except that darn Lou & Grey one, but I can be patient and wait for a sale).

Have you taken on the jumpsuit?

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dark floral print jumpsuit, black straw box bag, cream espidrilles-5.jpg dark floral print jumpsuit, black straw box bag, cream espidrilles-6.jpg dark floral print jumpsuit, black straw box bag, cream espidrilles-3.jpg dark floral print jumpsuit, black straw box bag, cream espidrilles-8.jpg dark floral print jumpsuit, black straw box bag, cream espidrilles-1.jpg
The Rundown
Dark Floral Jumpsuit Old Navy similar
Wedge Lace-up Espadrille Soldous
Black Straw Bag Zara similar
Flower Earrings Coco's on the Green similar
 Layered Charm Necklace c/o Grand Avenue Jewelry
Cuff "Vista" Gorjana
Midi Stackable Diamond Ring c/o AUrate New York
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx 
Nail Color "Find Me an Oasis" Essie


  1. I feel the same way, Lydia!! They are a great option and I love how easy they are!!

  2. Love that print!! I do have 1 jumpsuit but I prefer rompers because I feel weird in longer jumpsuits for some reason, haha!

  3. The jumpsuit trend is one I've never truly fallen for. I've had a few jumpsuits over the years, but none that I've really loved. When I see jumpsuits on other people, I always think how cute and stylish they look, but them same garments never catch my eye in store or online when I'm shopping. I'm beginning to think that, like anything velvet, jumpsuits are just a little too similar to the unitards I wore in my days as a gymnast, which means I will probably never really want to wear them regularly myself. But I love seeing them worn well and this one if among my favourites in your collection.

  4. Totally with you...I didn't think I'd love them anyway, but I'm so on board now! Love this one on you! Old Navy has some great options.


  5. This jumpsuit is so cute! I love the floral design on it, very summery. You also included such great other jumpsuit finds, I love the jumpsuit trend!

  6. I love your jumpsuit, it's so pretty and perfect for summer!


  7. I love love love jumpsuit!! Your floral print one is so cute! That Lou & Grey one is so cute! Hopefully they'll have a 4th of July sale!

  8. I really need to try some jumpsuits too! I love yours! YOu look great!

  9. I'll be honest - I sometimes prefer a jumpsuit to a dress, only because there's ZERO chance of the wind blowing things away and showing parts of your body that are meant to go unseen haha. I love the one you're wearing and the pieces you picked!

  10. What a great jumpsuit! The embroidery detailing is so stunning!

  11. Such a great print. I love jumpsuits myself but it is such a pain to pee in them :D


  12. I love the easy, breezy look on you! I'm still not a fan myself, but can see myself coming around to them!

  13. I have been loving jumpsuits lately! This floral print is so cute for Summer too!

    cute & little

  14. I really like this jumpsuit on you - such a great floral design, so nice for summer! :) I'm not a jumpsuit fan, being petite it's not an easy thing to find, and I can't deal with the bathroom issue, haha! I've had my kids accidentally open the door in public toilets before so definitely not for me!

    Hope your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From Blue

  15. I've never actually tried a jumpsuit (I'm not at all sure where my reluctance stems from) and I really think I need to give it a whirl - not least because some of the ones that you showcase here are really stunning.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  16. I got one a couple years ago and it's time to bring it back again, love yours!


  17. This one looks amazing on you! So flattering and the sweetest little pattern. Love how you paired it with that black straw bag - which is the cutest thing ever!

    xo Laura Leigh

  18. This jumpsuit is adorable on you! Love all the colors

  19. I love a good jumpsuit during spring/ summer! This one is super cute on you.

  20. Your jumpsuit looking super cute on you i must say.Best outfit till now i have seen for summer is yours.. i appreciate your outfit and all your hard works on it..
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  21. Absolutely love this jumpsuit. I can imagine it worn with a white tee.
    I have a few of them but lately have not been wearing them as nothing fits.