July Budget

July is a great month for sales. The month starts off with a big push on the fourth, and finishes with season's end clearance. I placed my first ever Mango order - I know, what have I been waiting for? And came away with some cute new pieces. Still waiting on the white ribbed dress however, I wanted to see if I preferred it in the next size up.

Frequently I view shopping as a challenge I must rise to. The dress I want is out of stock online? Why not start calling stores to see who can send it to me? Loft raffia belt was a let down? Now I'm on a mission to find one I love. My favorite being to make sure I always get the best deal, such as when Ann Taylor had 50% off everything on July Fourth, so I ordered the pearl sandals, only to see that four days later they were offering 60% off, so I had to go and buy them again! Ann Taylor wont offer price adjustments for discount codes, I know, I've asked, even when I explained I was simply going to buy the item again and return the first.

Hopefully this will be it for my July shopping, though I can't say I'm not tempted by the Lucky Brand sale, specifically this dress and this duster, and yes I realize they are the same print.

Pleated Skirt, $46 at Banana Republic
Raffia Belt, $30 at Mango
Raffia Bag, $48 at Mango
Linen Dress, $43 at Banana Republic
Eyelet Lace Jumpsuit, $50 at Banana Republic 
Straw Hoop Earrings, $11 at Loft
Raffia Mules, $35 at Target*
Slide Sandals, $28 at Banana Republic
Cherri Pearl Sandals, $55 at Ann Taylor



  1. There have been so many amazing sales lately!! I'm loving this Raffia bag and can't believe it's under $50!


  2. I do love those pearl shoes! I've had the more expensive Miu Miu version on my wishlist for a while but these are a nice steal!
    I still haven't shopped at Mango but they always have such nice stuff!

  3. These finds are all so adorable! I love the vibe you went for too, very summery and chic at the same time. Also, that jumpsuit is adorable, I feel like it could be dressed up or down! So cute!

  4. That green pleated skirt is just amazing - I love that shade of green and the pattern is so cute as well!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. nice outfit..I like the bag

  6. I love the green skirt! There are so many great sales on in July. it makes no buy July harder for me to do but it also gives me a reason to avoid the sales, haha! I managed to make it through without buying anything fashion related (although we did a ton of grocery shopping, ha!) so I'm pleased with that!

    Hope that you are having a lovely week :)

    Away From Blue

  7. I would have bought everything here - it's almost a summer wardrobe capsule, great choices Lydia.

  8. Cute items and so you! I just love that straw bag!

  9. That linen dress and sandals from Banana Republic are calling my name. I like that they have really classy clothing, but they also have trendy stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  10. These are so cute!!! Loving that belt and cute jumpsuit!

    cute & little

  11. July truly was a great month for shopping. After buying next to nothing in May and June, I officially went wild, adding all kinds of things I didn't really need to my wardrobe, mostly on the pretext of needing them for our upcoming trip to Greece. It will come as a surprise to no one that I actually needed nothing new for that trip, but that's another matter - all the things are here, apart from one outstanding order, and I do love them. (And I admit, I relate to seeing shopping as a challenge, because I say all the things are here but one, but the truth is there is one notable exception; a linen dress from ASOS that is on sale but out of stock in my size. I have it bookmarked and check back EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. in the hopes of a return or restock. So you are not alone there.)

  12. I think that the green skirt and those pearl slides are my favorite additions - but they're truly all so beautiful. You have excellent taste, and I love how you view shopping as a challenge to conquer!

  13. Oh so many good deals going on, especially with fall fashions starting to make their way into stores!


  14. I love that handbag and black jumpsuit. So many great picks here!

  15. I love both those earrings and bag! So cute.

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  17. The jumpsuit looks so simple yet classic.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  18. Okay I need that bag in my life! So darn cute!