Evening in the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park in Hartford has been around since 1904, and yet last week was the first time I ever visited. The stunning grounds, perfectly and symmetrically manicured are accentuated by eight paths lined with rose covered arches leading to a vine covered gazebo in the center. The park is free to visit, free to park at, and there is even a cute cafe called the Pond House you can visit. (Incidentally a few years ago I attended a baby shower at the Pond House and had no idea the rose garden was just beyond it!)

While the roses are said to peak in late June, even by mid July they were still just as beautiful, and as I saw photos cropping up on my Instagram feed, I knew I did not want to miss out visiting the garden this year. I decided to reach out to Courtney and we settled on a weeknight in the hopes that the park might be less crowded. Of course it was still bustling with photographers; engagement shoots, maternity shoots, senior portraits - everyone was taking advantage of the gorgeous evening light.

When Courtney arrived I was excited to see her husband Matthew had come with his drone and we got some really fun aerial photos as well! I love that while no discussion of what we'd be wearing had been had, Courtney and I both showed up in our sundresses with straw hats.

I'm so delighted with how these photos came out, and if you are in the area, a trip to the rose garden is well worth it, even simply to take in the beauty of it.

 tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-3.jpg tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-33.jpg Elizabeth Park Drone Photos tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-32.jpg tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-24.jpg tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-29.jpg tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-23.jpg Elizabeth Park Drone Photos tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-8.jpg tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-13.jpg Elizabeth Park Drone Photos tan and white polka dot dress, straw sun hat, bamboo bag, white slides-5.jpg
The Rundown
Polka Dot Dress J.Crew
White Slides Ferragamo via Coco's similar
Vintage Japanese Bamboo Bag via eBay similar vintage
Straw Hat Kate Spade similar
Pearl Earrings Maris Pearl Co. 
Pearl Anchor Bracelet Made by Me similar
Midi Stackable Diamond Ring c/o AUrate New York
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Nail Color "Canyon" Ten Over Ten


  1. Wow these photos are so beautiful!! Loving all of the polka dots!

  2. These photos are rally pretty! I love that you used a drone to get overhead photos too. Beautiful location!!


  3. These photos are so fun! Loving the drone shots, super cool!

  4. Omg I would LOVE to go to a Rose Garden. And your dress is the cutest and perfect for the scenery!


  5. Beautiful edits, Lydia! I loved seeing which photos you chose as your favorites. :) Thank you for inviting me along! It was a beautiful place for portraits and your outfit was perfect for the rose garden! <3

  6. Obsessed with these photos! You look beautiful!


  7. Location is amazing by itself BUT the dress and the drone shots are just spectacular. This looks like it was a fun shoot - love it Lydia!

  8. How beautiful are these pictures - LOVE the aerial shot. You look lovely.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  9. That's such a stunning space - I'm sad I never got the chance to visit it when I was there (I had no clue it even existed!).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  10. What a cute sundress and such beautiful flowers! This is a great location for pics and I love the drone ones, so perfect! :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From Blue

  11. These shots are so fun! I love the drone shots. Also, I'm getting major Pretty Woman polo match vibes from your outfit!

  12. These photos turned out beautifully! I love the light and gorgeous roses! You find such fun spots for outfit photos! That dress is darling on you too!

  13. Can we talk about how amazing those aerial shots are?! I need to find a photographer who owns a drone so I can capture some coolness like this!

  14. I have never seen this, it is absolutely stunning. Love your look and the aerial photos are so gorgeous, kudos to your friend's hubby!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  15. Ummm do you live in a fairytale because you always find the most beautiful places!

  16. These photos are absolutely breathtaking! What a gorgeous place!

  17. Such a gorgeous location and I love your outfit! This dress is so cute and I love the polka dots!

    cute & little

  18. I spied these photos on your instagram and was instantly smitten - particularly with the drone shots, which have this magical, almost fairytale-esque quality that I cannot properly describe but absolutely love. To my great chagrin, I am allergic to roses, and many things in the rose family, including strawberries :( But I still love a good rose garden and am admittedly envious that this one has been hiding so close to you for so long.

  19. Wow! These are such gorgeous pictures and such a beautiful garden!


  20. Wow, this location is insanely beautiful! I love the aerial shots! I can see why it is a great location for photoshoots!

  21. This is such a gorgeous spot! I love that polka dot dress on you.

  22. What an adorable place indeed! Your photos are really lovely dear.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  23. Oh my gosh this place looks like so much fun! I am loving that polka dot dress too, so pretty!

  24. Your pictures of Elizbeth Park brought tears to my eyes. I was born and raised in Hartford, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants. Every Sunday even in the fall and winter, we would go to Elizabeth Park. When I was 4, my goldfish died and my mother told me she had brought her to the fish pond in Elizabeth Park and so these visits were very important to me until I realized where my fish really ended up. I am now in my 60s and live in New Jersey. I have loved your blog since it started but seeing this was just wonderful My family is now all gone, but my memories of going to Elizabeth Park with them, will always be with me.