June (and May) Closet Additions

This post is embarrassing. I mentioned before I never finished May's budget post because I'd made so many purchases I was getting overwhelmed with guilt. So clearly rather than not shopping during June, I just continued on my reckless path and bought more.

Somehow I ended up on J.Crew's mailing list again. This is never good. Daily reminders first thing in the morning regarding half off summer essentials along with half off clearance resulted in quite a few items ending up in my cart. I have now come to my senses and unsubscribed.

TJMaxx was another weak point, I think I had maybe a $20 gift card which I then spent five fold (new workout clothes are not listed here, but they were purchased nonetheless). Then of course my biggest downfall, Banana Republic. With credit card rewards burning holes in my pockets, almost as soon as they arrived in my inbox I had to spend them, and then some.

July needs to be about not shopping. In fact, I really need to assess my summer wardrobe and take it out of storage. Yup, it's the end of June and I haven't switched out my closet yet.
How did you do this month?

Leopard Print Midi Skirt, $34 at Gap
Polka Dot Dress, $56 at J.Crew
Long and Lean White Blazer, $108 at Banana Republic ($40 after gift card)
Wide Leg Linen Cropped Pant, $48 at Banana Republic
Gold Hoop Earrings Argento Vivo, $20 at TJMaxx
New York Sweatshirt, $15 at J.Crew
Pearl Hoop Earrings, $4 thrifted
Striped Sweater Tank, $38 at Banana Republic 
Citrus Print Silk Blouse, $20 at Banana Republic
Dot Candy Midi Dress, $45 at Lou & Grey
Point Sur Square Neck Top, $30 at J.Crew
Scalloped Sandals, $9 at Banana Republic
Midi Eyelet Skirt, $28 at J.Crew
Linen Jumpsuit, $30 at Banana Republic
14K Gold Baroque Pearl Earrings, $50 at TJMaxx
Wide Leg Marina Pant, $49 at Ann Taylor

Sara Campell Sweater, $20 at Coco's on the Green
Lucky Brand Blouse, $35 at TJMaxx
Gingham Pixie Pants, $10 at Old Navy
All-Elements Full-Zip Hoodie, $18 at Gap


  1. I bought a few things in June but I hadn't shopped in months so it was OK. I am loving the polka dot dress (wish it had pockets) and that striped sweater tank.


  2. So many fun new pieces though! I know what you mean about it spiraling. Sometimes once I start shopping it's hard to stop. "I already was bad, why not shop some more since I already ruined my streak"
    I was pretty good this month, only 2 new things. but I'm about to head to Roundabout for a sidewalk sale....hopefully nothing jumps out at me!

  3. I somehow got back on J.Crew's mailing list too and all the promos are so tempting! Loving all the pieces you picked out though! So cute!


  4. That polka dot dress is perfect for summer! I think I need it.

  5. LOVE the polka dot dress and the New York sweater!

  6. I'm in love with both of those earrings and that leopard print skirt! So cute!

  7. Sad to say shopping is an addiction when you are soothing yourself with it - you know you buy something you get a little high and then comes the guilt. This is not a judgement it's an observation - booze, drugs, shopping - they are all the same thing. They temporarily make us feel better and then we feel bad again.

  8. Even if you got more than you expected you did get some really cute things! I like the leopard print skirt and that white printed maxi dress, very cute buys! I find unsubscribing from the emails and sale reminders really helps - if I don't know about the sale I won't be tempted to 'just browse' which never turns into browsing without shopping, I always end up getting a little something, haha!

    Hope that you have a great weekend! :)

    Away From Blue

  9. I still think it's a good idea you do these posts. I like looking back on my spending because it helps me (hopefully) make better decisions in the future. I like that striped tank you got! It's really cute!

  10. Love the dot midi dress. I wish it wasn't sold out! And I'm with you, July is a no shop month for me!

  11. These are such great, classic pieces. I LOVE that dot dress!!

    xx, Elise

  12. I spent the end of May and what felt like most of June travelling - primarily for work. As a result, I just didn't have time to shop. Plus, I was away so much that I maxed out my work credit card and wound up with a large chunk of expenses sitting on a personal credit card. There is nothing like not knowing when you might be reimbursed to motivate you not to shop for anything :P My good behaviour, obviously, was not motivated by turning over any kind of new leaf, and as soon as my reimbursement came in, I placed orders from Zara, H&M and Club Monaco. So basically I just did all of my shopping at the end of the month :P But what I have done this summer that I haven't previously is really decreased my discretionary "going out for dinner plus two or three more cocktails than I really need/can afford" budget. It started because of bad weather but so far I've been able to continue to habit which is making me feel not as bad about my other shopping.

  13. Ohhh I love them! They're all so chic. Great picks!

  14. While I know you feel like you bought a lot, you got some really solid pieces! Lots of classics that will last you many years!

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  15. I am no one to blame you - I can say that all of the pieces you purchased seem like great basics or classics so I think they were wise purchases. Now all you need is to wear the heck out of them !