A Tee With a Little Flare

If you took a peek into my closet, you might think I lived in a uniform of tee shirts. I'm not sure how I've amassed so many, but there they are. There was the graphic tee phase of 2014, the embellished tees of 2016, and then the ruffled tee explosion of 2017.

There is something I love about the idea of just being able to throw on a tee shirt and jeans and feel put together. There must also be some mental block I have with regards to that very concept, as my quirky tees seldom venture out of the closet. Yet here I am, having bought another, convincing myself it will be different this time.

 striped ruffle sleeve tee, white jeans, blue loafers, white bag-12.jpg striped ruffle sleeve tee, white jeans, blue loafers, white bag-7.jpg striped ruffle sleeve tee, white jeans, blue loafers, white bag-10.jpg striped ruffle sleeve tee, white jeans, blue loafers, white bag-5.jpg striped ruffle sleeve tee, white jeans, blue loafers, white bag-11.jpg striped ruffle sleeve tee, white jeans, blue loafers, white bag-6.jpg striped ruffle sleeve tee, white jeans, blue loafers, white bag-9.jpg striped ruffle sleeve tee, white jeans, blue loafers, white bag-4.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Ruffle Sleeve Tee Green Envelope via TJMaxx
White Jeans Gap
Katrine Mule Crown Vintage via DSW
Micro Perry Satchel Rebecca Minkoff c/o Shopbop
Pearl Anchor Bracelet Made by Me similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Zip Me Up" Essie


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  1. Ooh the sleeves are so cute. I have a collection of tees too, mostly solids but you know. I went through a phase when I never wore tees and then started again when I discovered Everlane. But this Summer its been so hot i haven't wanted to wear them, haha. Maybe now that it's cooling down again I can wear them

  2. As someone who barely owns any t-shirts I can honestly say that it's a big whole in my closet that I need to fill ... I wish I had your collection.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. You just made me realize I may need to rethink my t-shirt collection. I have a few, but I don't think it'd hurt to add a few more. Love your outfit here, btw. Cute shoes too!

    Whitney | www.whitneynicjames.com

  4. You look fabulous rocking that horizontal red striped ruffle-sleeve Tee with the white jeans! I love the ruffles.


  5. I have a similar top in black and white. Easy tees just make life easier don't they?

  6. I love a good tee shirt. Finding ones with cute little details are key because it really adds a different look to a jeans and tee shirt outfit! I think the ruffles on the sleeves are just adorable!


  7. That is such a cute striped tee! I love the ruffles! :)

    I'm the same - have so many tees in my wardrobe yet they don't all get a lot of wear - when I started the 30 wears challenge I was sure that I'd have worn a few of my tees 30 times - nowhere close! Of course I can't stop buying more and adding them to my wardrobe though!

    Hope you are having a great week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Tees are tough. I like the idea of them but in reality, it's very rare that I reach for one, except on my most casual days. For some reason, I will always choose a tanktop or a long-sleeve top over a tee, even if all three are made of plain white jersey cotton. It doesn't seem to matter how many cheeky slogan tees I acquire or how many concerts I go to where I convince myself I need to take home a t-shirt - they just don't get worn the way my other tops do, no matter how cute they are. In other words, I totally get it. I think this tee is adorable, but if you never wear it again - I'll get that, too.

  9. I often hit a mental block with my tees because although they should be easy to wear, they just hang sadly in my closet. I think it's because, as a blogger, I think I need to wear something trendier or more interesting. But tees can be cute, too! That red striped one you are wearing is adorable!

  10. I'm also such a big fan of tees too and I love how this one has a little extra detail. The only thing that stops me from wearing tees with sleeve details is the layering factor--I usually need a cardigan even in the summer (inside) and I hate the bumpy look on the sleeves. I love the look on its own though!

  11. T-shirts are seriously the best! Especially if you find out that fits so well and or sits so well on your body! I'm so loving this outfit because it has parisian feel to it! And the sleeves of your striped top is so cute!


  12. Loving the simplicity of this look dear. So pretty on you!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  13. It is funny how in the past few years they figured out how to make tee shirts unique and different with ruffles and knots. I love this tee, the sleeve detail is so pretty!

    xx, Elise

  14. Very pretty. I have to admit that tees are one of the items I have the least of.