Peaks of the Week

Should you happened to have seen my Instagram posts this week, then you know I've been visiting my sister. I can't believe I'll be heading back home so soon, and I never do as much as I hope, but it's been a good trip. I was excited that I got to meet up with Jessica for lunch and outfit photos, because I've been following her blog forever and it's always such a great experience to meet a blog friend in real life.

❖ Naturally the first thing I did on the west coast was make a Target run, isn't this top cute and very Madewell esk? Also I loved the sandals my sister's roommate had, and wouldn't you know it, also Target.

❖ Darn, I'll have to save this list of restaurants to try along the Pacific Coast Highway for next time.

❖ I feel like this article about those on the creative side of the fashion industry applies to bloggers as well.

❖  Why all the vintage clothes are tiny.

❖ I need to stop wanting all the cute vintage straw bags.

❖  Oh my gosh I want this root beer float.

❖ Not to make dating feel even more dismal, but...

❖ The Oscars are now backpedaling on their attempt to be trendy.

❖ Have you watched Magic for Humans on Netflix yet? It's so fun.

❖ There will be a new Darren Star show, because lets face it, how much longer can Younger last?


  1. That article about the lack of plus-size vintage clothes was fascinating. Disheartening, but also fascinating. I also have to say that I'm envious of your west coat Target run, because while I do now live about 2.5 hours from a Target, I still have to cross an international border to get to it and, I'll be honest, the Target in Grand Forks, North Dakota is far from it's most glamourous outpost. Enjoy the rest of your time in California!

  2. I need to visit the west coast asap, I so miss it. Have fun with your sissy.


  3. Woohooo for visiting your sister! It looked like so much fun!
    I really hope they can find a way to keep going with Younger but it's true, how much more can they do to keep it going... sad times!

  4. I love root beer floats anyway. That one looks magical! Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, those root beer floats look amazing!

  6. I've heard good things about that Magic for Humans show but haven't watched it yet - thanks for the reminder to add it to my list on Netflix. I'm trying to carve out a little more time to zone out and watch some Netflix but it's a constant juggle, haha!

    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) Has been a quiet one here so far with the rain.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. I really love the style of this post, you've given me some major inspo! I hope you had fun with your sister!

    Elle x |

  8. My sister lives far away as well and seeing her always brings a smile to my face!

  9. Ill need to try that netflix show! I have been looking for a fun new show to watch!

  10. Omg I have been craving a root beer float! That looks amazing!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  11. Thank you for sharing this list, so many interesting and cute things to check! I loved The Guardian piece!

  12. Can't really blame you with those vintage straw bags dear. They're sooo adorable!

    Jessica |