Forbidden Garden

Last Friday I met up with Diana in West Hartford to take some outfit photos. We shot three looks in the sweltering heat under a grey sky threatening rain. For the last outfit Diana suggested we go to Artisan, the restaurant we'd had dinner at during the last West Hartford blogger shoot, as it has a beautiful outdoor seating area with a garden. We spoke with the hostess who said we could get drinks at the bar, then just head out to the garden.

The space was a bit tight for my 50mm lens, but we took the liberty of moving around some chairs to make it work. We were far from the only patrons snapping away in the garden, but it wasn't long before someone from the restaurant came out and told us that we couldn't take 'professional' photos. I said I wasn't a professional, but he said the issue was with my DSLR, and that we were free to take iPhone photos. A bit of a strange rule, if you ask me, but thankfully we had managed to get some photos taken, finished our drinks, and headed elsewhere for dinner.

 striped kimono sleeve top, white cropped jeans, straw palma fedora-9.jpg striped kimono sleeve top, white cropped jeans, straw palma fedora-1.jpg striped kimono sleeve top, white cropped jeans, straw palma fedora-6.jpg striped kimono sleeve top, white cropped jeans, straw palma fedora-5.jpg striped kimono sleeve top, white cropped jeans, straw palma fedora-8.jpg striped kimono sleeve top, white cropped jeans, straw palma fedora-10.jpg striped kimono sleeve top, white cropped jeans, straw palma fedora-11.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Kimono Sleeve Top Gap
White Wide Leg Jeans Gap similar
Mules Madewell similar
Round Rattan Bag Etsy
Palma Wide Fedora Lack of Color
Gold Ball Earrings Kohl's
Evil Eye Necklace c/o Belcho
Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box 
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Nail Color "Fishnet Stockings" Essie

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  1. Such a lovely look!
    And that's definitely a weird rule! But I guess anyone with a big camera is considered a photographer now since everyone just uses iPhones. *eyeroll*

  2. That's a super odd "rule" - but at least you got some lovely photos in before they enforced it.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. Hmmm...didn't know that a DSLR automatically makes you a professional? Very odd! I almost bought the similar mules from Target you linked...they're so bright AND comfortable! I might get them when they're on clearance :)

  4. I just love this entire outfit! It looks cool and relaxing and the colors are very pretty together. That bag and shoes, too! Perfection! I've heard some places have those rules, it is annoying!


  5. That's weird about the camera rule, but I love your outfit :)

  6. It's a beautiful spot, I can see why you weren't the only ones there taking photos! :) Your tie front top looks beautiful on, I like it with the white denim and it looks so lovely and light and relaxed for summer.

    it's a strange policy, but great you managed to finish taking photos first anyway! :)

    Hope that you are having a great week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Oh, the joy of being singled out as a "professional" just because you own a DSLR. I've had this happen to me countless times, especially in Paris, and part of me understands it but part of me also wants to point out that blogging, while it does result in some very beautiful photos, is hardly a professional activity from which I am profiting significantly enough to warrant paying what would inevitably exorbitant amounts of money to "rent" locations. Sigh. C'est la vie. You managed to get some lovely photos anyway and I must say, your oversized hat is just fabulous.

  8. It's amazing how picky people get when you take photos. Heck, some phone cameras are better than what people take with a DSLR anyways....
    But your outfit is fabulous Lydia!! I love the silhouette of those jeans!

  9. I wish a DSLR actually made you professional! Ha! I am constantly battling to get better photos. What a strange policy. You got some great ones though! I love that hat on you!

  10. I had this experience two weeks ago! I was asked the same thing and I answered the same way. The only reason we didn't take any photos from my iPhone was that the lady left after I said no I am not a professional photographer. She wasn't pushy but I could tell she didn't want us to take photos. Anyway, love this outfit! Simple yet oh so chic!

    Maureen |

  11. I love this outfit and the top is so chic! That's such a weird rule but these pictures are pretty worth it!

  12. That's sounds like a weird rule to me. Anyway, love your breezy and comfy look dear. Chic top you got there!

    Jessica |

  13. The photos turned out amazing. I love your effortless chic look!

  14. What a random rule! The photos turned out great though, and it is a great setting. I love that top, it's so summery with the white pants!