Anything But Ordinary

Thanks to Tenth Street Hats for sponsoring this post!

My love affair with hats started back in 2010. One day I had the realization that anyone could be a hat person, and that was the kind of person I wanted to be. I started out with inexpensive paper straw hats, but soon realized they were not made to last. They were malleable and easily misshapen, and an incident with bird poo lead to the demise of my then favorite panama hat.

It's often when a favorite piece reaches the end of it's life that I see it as an opportunity to upgrade, to seek better materials, craftsmanship, and careful attention to detail, so I know my addition will serve me well for many years. And so, I started investing in my hat collection.

When Tenth Street Hats reached out to me, I knew their brand would be a perfect fit. They have been family owned and operated since 1921, and their hats are handmade with one of a kind hat making machines. They source the best materials and expert craftsmen to create their hats, so that their wearers can fashion outfits which are anything but ordinary.

This Panama hat reminded me of my first one, only it's woven from natural palm leaf straw, comes in five sizes to insure a proper fit (one size fits most never fit me) and has a couple of features I simply love - the first being a crush-proof crown, and the second is a teflon coating to make the hat water resistant, and hopefully bird poo resistant too, as I want to have this hat for a very long time.

 Floral Silk Cami, White Denim Shorts, Round Rattan Bag, Tenth Street Fedora-4.jpg Floral Silk Cami, White Denim Shorts, Round Rattan Bag, Tenth Street Fedora-15.jpg Floral Silk Cami, White Denim Shorts, Round Rattan Bag, Tenth Street Fedora-14.jpg Floral Silk Cami, White Denim Shorts, Round Rattan Bag, Tenth Street Fedora-7.jpg Floral Silk Cami, White Denim Shorts, Round Rattan Bag, Tenth Street Fedora-8.jpgFloral Silk Cami, White Denim Shorts, Round Rattan Bag, Tenth Street Fedora-10.jpg Floral Silk Cami, White Denim Shorts, Round Rattan Bag, Tenth Street Fedora-11.jpg The Rundown
Silk Floral Cami Joie via ThredUP
White Denim Shorts Gap
Sandals "Glorious" Franco Sarto via DSW similar
Round Rattan Bag Etsy
Scala Panama Straw Hat "Taos" c/o Tenth Street Hats
Loop Earrings Mejuri
Evil Eye Necklace c/o Belcho
 Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Nail Color "Zip Me Up" Essie


  1. That is a lovely hat and it sounds like it's well made too! :) I like your top as well.

    I wish I was a hat person - I find them tricky to wear for some reason, although I do have a big wide brimmed sun hat I pull out year after year, more for the sun protection than anything, haha!

    Hope that you are having a really good week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I came to the same realisation about hats that you did around the same time. My first hat came from H&M and I held onto it for positively years. Many of the other H&M hats that I subsequently purchased did not last as long. I've amassed a significant collection of hats over the years, some of which I hope I will own forever and some which, I admit, I invested in misguidedly, only to learn that their quality was not what it appeared. And quality is essential, particularly when it comes to straw hats, which can be so fragile. I love that this one even looks like it was made to last. And I also love that I can tell that the size is perfect on you, because "one size fits most" is a ridiculous statement and should never be applied ot anything, but especially not to things that can obscure our vision.

  3. i love that hat! Definitely one to last you for years!
    And the print of that top is super cute!

  4. I love this- ANYONE can be a hat person! We should all wear more hats! I dig this panama hat on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. I am seriously so envious of your hat wearing abilities. I look truly frightening in hats. I've tried them all too and it just never works.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. Just so in love with this pretty outfit. That hat, that top, SO good!! And right there with you, love, love hats and can't wait to rock them all fall long!! xo

    Happy (almost) Friday, friend!! xo

  7. I too want to be a hat person but am not there, yet 😉. This is super cute and absolutely perfect for a beach boardwalk.

  8. Love the hat. It's so cute, and you styled it perfectly. I like your necklace too!

    Whitney |

  9. It's amazing how much of a hat person I have become. Maybe because I couldn't wear them at work, so I didn't realize how great they could be? Maybe I was too dense? Either way, I absolutely love them now and I can't wait to show off my Tenth Street hat next week!!

  10. I love hats so much, like I have an insane hat collection but you would rarely see me wearing them cos' it's too humid at where I live! But I do wish to wear them more often and yes quality is a huge factor which I too sadly missed during my first few purchases!
    I am diggin' this fun, beach outfit, the hat totally has put the whole outfit together!
    Wishing you an amazing weekend!
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks

  11. Oh wow this hat is perfect on you! I love the brim and how well made it looks! You always have the best hats!

  12. I always forget about hats when it comes to styling my outfits, but I don't have a lot in my closet. You look so cute in this hat, it really adds to your outfit!! That top looks nice and airy and looks great with those white cut offs.


  13. You are always so good at styling at hat! This outfit is perfect for summer and I love your jewelry!

    Nicole to the Nines

  14. What a fab hat, and that top is sooo cute on you dear.

    Jessica |

  15. This look is the epitome of summer--the fun printed top, the hat, the sandals. I love it! I always see hats on other people and love them but rarely buy them myself. I like the idea that anyone can be a hat person though, I think it's true!