Peaks of the Week

Inbox Zero. Since my new computer arrived and I spent the better part of two days getting everything situated and just right, I came across the password for my very first email account, which was with snet. I logged in (through Yahoo, marveling at the fact that an account I haven't really touched in eight years was still active) and looked at all the rows of emails. All from mailing lists I'd signed up for and long since forgotten about. Still they were arriving, the senders uncaring or oblivious to the fact that their begging links never got clicked. So first I unsubscribed from everything, and then deleted eight years of those emails. Which got me thinking about my current emails, of which I have three that I actively use. I started unsubscribing from everything. All the stores, all the newsletters, all the piles of click bait that do nothing but distract. I've had enough. I'm tried of hearing my email chime only to see it's Refinery 29 trying to make me think that Justin Bieber's haircut is something worthy of my attention. It was a great purge. It feels good.

❖ Since we are on the topic of deleting, would you delete all your old tweets? I suppose if something you put out there a decade ago could warrant being fired from your current job, it might be a good idea?

❖ These photos would be beautiful if the subject matter weren't so depressing.

❖ I usually roll my eyes at secondhand shopping tips, but I actually liked these.

❖ Wow, one person manipulated the McDonald's Monopoly game for twelve years before getting caught.

❖ Remember when screen time meant having to sit at a desk? Though to be fair, the time of my dad sharing his computer so I could create my Kid Pix masterpieces was brief before my brother and I had our own computers. I still have fond memories of my first Mac, and my second, my beloved Flower Power iMac.

❖ ThredUp's letter to Burberry, after learning they burned unsold inventory.

❖ I thrifted a pair of vintage earrings this week which actually bear quite a resemblance to this this J.Crew pair (which are on sale!)

❖ I've been scouring ThredUP for pieces from Joie, one of my favorite brands, and I'm eyeing this top.

❖ There aren't many sizes left in this adorable raffia trimmed sandal, but the price can't be beat.

Sentient Coffee.


  1. I should really unsubscribe from more emails. But I do have them filtered so only important stuff goes to my main inbox

  2. I had inbox zero earlier this year. I have like 300 emails there now, sigh. I do unsubscribe from a lot of things, but I'm always reading emails and thinking I'll get to it 'later' and I never do! I need to be better at setting aside time to review emails!

    Hope that you've got a lovely weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I so enjoyed that McDonalds monopoly story! It's been making the rounds at my office this week and I flagged it for next week's All the Frills list - I busted a gut over the "it's a Mcsting" line. I heard the movie rights to it have already been purchased.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. I love the shorts on you; they make your legs -nice tan- look long and healthy.

  5. You certainly find the best items and stories....I loved that one about secondhand. I used to get secondhand furniture and loved how you could change it up. But my hubby is not a fan, so now we don't. However, since we are both retired now and have no income...maybe I can change his mind...
    I almost bought those raffia do you find those cute things all the time??

  6. I love unsubscribing from all those emails. I wake up in the morning only to have 20+ emails from various stores. It gets to be too much. I'm sure your email purge was cathartic!

  7. I am terrible at emails. I made an account that I never check, but use if I need to enter my email. I think it has over 80,000 emails at counting.
    Stylin In St. Louis

  8. I need to spend some time unsubscribing from emails. Somehow they just pile up.

  9. I tend to abandon inboxes that get overcrowded with subscription emails I don't really want to receive, rather than putting in the effort to unsubcribe from everything. I'm not sure why that is, other than I just want to save myself the time - the act of purging, while probably satisfying, has never seemed like something I wanted to do enough. That said, an inbox set at zero must be a wonderful thing to find yourself with! Also, I loved thredUp's letter to Burberry, because while I know the brand is hardly alone in burning unsold inventory, that practise continues to appal and disgust me.

  10. That McDonald's Monoply game story is quite amazing.

    Jessica |

  11. You inspired me to begin unsubscribing from a few more lists. I had slowly been doing it, but seriously just don't have the time anymore. I remember reading about LV destroying their goods - that's just ridiculous and wasteful.

  12. The second hand shopping tips were superb ! I LOVED THE CHAIRS she scored.
    I am still upset about Burberry burning stock.