The End of Sweater Weather

With spring, comes wild swings in temperatures. While I might normally casually rearrange the order of my outfits, I felt like I should not hold off on this sweater for a moment longer. We love to joke that we need the heat on one day and the a/c the next because it's just so true. I think the high today will be in the 80's, and when these were taken a week ago I was just pretty happy I could wear a sweater and not need a coat!

While I've been wanting to wear this sweater with my white jeans pretty much since the day I got it, I feel like I'm not in love with the color of this sweater - or at the least, not in love with how it photographs. Since in my world, how something photographs is of equal importance to how it looks in reality. I realize the contrast of the green grass isn't helping and part of me debated posting these photos at all. Ultimately what won out is that I try to be as real as possible. I don't play dress up, I don't drive hours to special photo locations unless I have some other reason to be there, and sometimes the sweater which I wanted to be a gorgeous rust orange looks mucky brown, but the trees were flowering, and so help me, those trees make everything look good.

 Rust orange sweater, white denim, vintage macrame bag-12.jpg Rust orange sweater, white denim, vintage macrame bag-10.jpg Rust orange sweater, white denim, vintage macrame bag-7.jpg Rust orange sweater, white denim, vintage macrame bag-9.jpg Rust orange sweater, white denim, vintage macrame bag-4.jpg Rust orange sweater, white denim, vintage macrame bag-6.jpg Rust orange sweater, white denim, vintage macrame bag-15.jpg Rust orange sweater, white denim, vintage macrame bag-1.jpg
The Rundown
Rust Orange Mock Neck Sweater Madewell
White Jeans Old Navy
Nude Lace-up Flats Gap similar
Vintage Macrame Tote Etsy
Gold Bar Earrings Argento Vivo via TJMaxx 
 Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx

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  1. This color seems to be all the trend lately and I really love it with the white denim and that beautiful and unique clutch! Yellow is a color I seem to struggle with, too... I have a mustard skirt in my closet and I don't wear it near enough. I love the pretty Spring blooms all around you!


  2. I love how you transitioned this sweater to spring! I looks perfect with the white denim and macrame clutch!

    District of Chic

  3. I'm actually sort of digging the colour of that sweater - can you imagine how stunning it will be in the fall?

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. It's funny how the grass changes your opinion of the sweater, Lydia. Now that you point it out, I see it, but I wouldn't have really thought about it just looking at the photos.
    It makes me wonder if there is a reason that we gravitate towards certain colors at certain seasons???

  5. That handbag is lovely. The details are to die for! Great sweater too.

    Whitney |

  6. Your handbag is just beautiful. I love the detailing on it and how it really compliments your sweater. I think the pictures look great although I do understand what you mean about not being happy with what you are looking at as well. I debate certain posts as well on my blog!

  7. I actually love the setting, the jeans and the sweater ! These pictures turned out great Lydia.

  8. I love your bag! It is so unique and your sweater looks great! I actually like the color and it pairs well with your white jeans. Taking photos are stressful enough and kind of disheartening when it doesn't work out so I totally can relate.

    Maureen |

  9. I think you are being way too hard on yourself! That sweater looks great! I really like the color paired with white jeans.

  10. These are lovely photos, and that's a cute outfit for a cold day. I've seen so many chartreuse pieces around, it's definitely a popular colour, so you're right on trend with your knit! It looks great with the white jeans too :)

    Hope you are having a great week :) I'm enjoying our cooler autumn weather, it's a lovely change from the heat we've had this year!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. A very nice transition outfit with a great mustard sweater!

  12. I know just what you mean about swinging temperatures! It's gone from twelve degrees Celcius down to three and back up to over twenty all in the span of the past five days here. I've worn boots, sandals, sweaters, tank tops and everything in between this week, so I completely sympathise. And I also agree there was no reason to hold out on sharing this sweater for a moment longer, the colour is beautiful against your white jeans and I love how well it goes with your new macarame bag which, by the way, was a fabulous find.

  13. I LOVE the color of this sweater...and that bag is sooo cool!

  14. I have such an affinity for your outfit, Lydia. That mustard sweater paired with those crisp, sleek jeans is just a sight for sore eyes.

  15. Bummer that you don't love the color of the sweater, but you are right that everything looks better with those gorgeous trees! I do like the sweater, and I think that the way you styled it really brings the color into this season--with darker items it would definitely have more of a fall/winter feel. Our weather is all over the place too, it's hard to keep up with!

  16. Really love the mustard and white together! That bag is really special and makes it the perfect transitional piece!

    xo Adri