Peaks of the Week

Sometimes I just have to face the facts, and buy more hangers. I hate buying more hangers because I see it as a sign of defeat, that I have failed to enforce the one-in one-out rule. However, the twice daily migration of a pile of clothes from bed to chair and back again caused me to reach my breaking point. The Rachel Comey sweater I bought last month was another story. Knits need to be stored in drawers, not on hangers. My hand was forced to do a mini sweater purge or suffer the sweater languishing on the back of my chair for the next five months. At last I can breath easy, the clothing purgatory eliminated. For now.

I should be thankful a clothing pile was the biggest stressor in my life this week - a huge storm hit the state on Tuesday night and many of my fellow Connecticutians have been without power since, not to mention all the destruction of the downed trees. I saw so many crazy instastories!

Anyway, here is what I loved this week:

❀ Our affinity for the 50-mm lens.

❀ I legit failed a research paper in high school because I refused to put two spaces after a period, and I stand by that decision.

❀ Every self help book I've ever read boiled down into one article.

❀ Loving this adorable scallop hem jacket.

❀ Last semester a course was offered at Yale on how to be happier, which got such a huge attendance they had to move it to Woolsey Hall. Here's how it changed the students. (Also the course is being offered for free online for anyone to take!)

❀ Women are saying LuLaRoe is a pyramid scheme.

❀ Alissa's post about adopting her dog - awwwww!

With this logic, I signed up for Movie Pass.

Rosé All Day sangria - yes please!

❀ I love the Moroccan inspired bedding from Target's Opal House line.

❀ Lauren took photos under the same magnolia tree as I did!


  1. Two spaces after a period is a thing I have never and likely will never understand. To me, all it winds up doing is wasting more paper because it puts more space between words - it really serves no other purpose. Luckily, my high school and university teachers must have agreed because it was never an issue for me, but I remember my mom telling me I was doing my papers all wrong because I only put one space after a period. (Naturally, I ignored her :P) I read about LulaRoe as well. I hadn't heard of the company prior to reading the article you've shared and I have to admit - the way the women tell it, it does sound pretty appalling.
    PS: Sometimes, we all just need more hangers. It happens.

  2. I have never purchased a hanger. In fact I am beginning to wonder where all my hangers come from.
    As much as I loved the Target bedding my first question is always: How do you wash it ? I can see sequins falling with each wash.

  3. I love this update, Lydia!! And how funny you and Lauren used the same tree!!
    I've given up on the one item in/one item out of my closet and expanded to the guest closet. I guess that's defeat for me too....but I do love my clothes, and aren't they better than drugs??

  4. Haha, yea, buying more hangers is always a dilemma! And the sweater issue is real. I have so many but I can never get rid of them! Did you get rid of any I liked ;) ;)

  5. I have a been a campaigner against two spaces after a period for many years now and I'm soooo happy the world is starting to align. It seriously has always rubbed me the wrong way!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. I've been there before with the hanger situation! I try my best to do one in, one out, but at times I just can't decide what to get rid of! Now that we are searching for a bigger house, my must have item is a large walk in closet and not the awful standard size we have now!

  7. Ooh fascinating about LulaRoe. I've never bought anything from that brand, and I don't know anyone well personally who sells it, but I always hear really good things about it. I love that scalloped BR jacket--it's really unique and fun!

  8. It's great that universities are offering classes geared towards wellness and fulfillment! The 19 harsh truths article is so true - thanks for sharing!

  9. I hear you . I hate it when I clean up my closet and instead of getting rid of stuff for my self. I empty my husband closet to fit my clothes. Is it bad? I know I have to follow the rule of one in one out but I love my clothes and I am keeper.

  10. I remember writing something for school and my mum and dad who were reviewing it arguing over the correct number of spaces, haha! Don't remember what it was about or who won the argument!

    The storm sounds crazy - hope everyone gets power back soon! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. What a fun post! I used to do two spaces after a period but now I stick to one hehe. I hear that's the more "modern" way to do it!


  12. Omg I use to hate putting two spaces after a period!! Like why?!?! I hope you had an awesome weekend!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  13. Lovely finds you have here dear. And yes, that scallop hem jacket is really chic!

    Jessica |