Peaks of the Week

Happy Friday! I have Cinco De Mayo plans for the first time ever this year, thanks to my local blogging community. Hopefully I'm feeling better by Saturday because right now I'm sniffling. This week flew by again, but I managed to get photos with my beloved blossoms a few times before they started fading.

❀ Yesterday was the first day the mercury rose into the 80's this year, and I literally came down with a cold. I wish I had a Chinese auntie to make me this soup.

❀ I've spent the last year and a half trying to find a natural deodorant that actually works. Schmidt's (three different formulas), Sway, Piper Wai, Jason, Lavanila, all with their claims to be better than the others have been lies, and I finally gave up and went back to Dove. At least I know I'm not alone.

❀ The number of trials a recipe goes through to get published by America's Test Kitchen truly makes you appreciate how much thought and effort goes into each one.

❀ Curious to see if the re-cut of the reboot of Arrested Development will be any better, or if I should just continue pretending it doesn't exist. Maybe I'll watch it this weekend and see.

❀ If only we all had the kind of influence Ms. Markle has.

Playing the Instagram game. And also why I'm not a fan of stories.

❀ When imagining how life without anxiety would be, is in fact hilarious. 

❀ Going to give this gingham maxi and this gingham skirt a try, along with these striped culottes and this jumpsuit.

❀ Ashley's Amsterdam guide is making me wish I could plan another trip there. I can't believe that was 9 years ago...


  1. Oh Arrested Development. It was so wonderfully hilarious in the first two seasons. It lost me in the third and I couldn't bear to watch the re-boot. I really wish that North American TV shows knew when to quit but somehow, they never do seem to. And don't even get me started on instagram stories - I could be here ranting all day :P

  2. Lol...I've been wanting to try out a natural deodorant but I'm scared. Did you go through the detox period? They said it can take about 3 months before the natural deodorant starts working. I don't know if I can wait that long. I use Dove too!

  3. I miss classic Arrested Development sooooo much. I rewatch it every couple of years. Also, now I literally want to drop everything and plan a trip to Amsterdam.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear you have a cold! I am just waiting for the allergies to kick in. At this point I'd rather have allergies that snow!

  5. Love that you mentioned some Gingham pieces, that is one of my favorite trends right now!

  6. I 've tried several natural deos and the results have not been what i expected and i too keep going back to Dove ! However I started giving another natural deo a try - will let you know if it passes the trial period.

  7. Ooooh I am excited for another Arrested development season! I didn't enjoy the last season too much but I am always happy to see they have more! :)

    I'm trying to use instagram but it's not the fun place it once was. I feel kina obligated to use it and that's not how I want blogging to be. I haven't found a solution yet, but right now I'm using it less and just posting and running, ha!

    Hope you had a lovely week and have a nice weekend ahead of you :) We went out for dinner yesterday and I'm catching up with a blogger friend today so it should be fun! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Aww, how fun that you have plans for Cinco! We are taking blog pics so our day is But a margarita already sounds pretty darn good :)


  9. I hope you have a good Cinco de Mayo. It's funny because I just saw a video stating that it's pretty much an American made holiday and excuse to drink tequila lol.
    I loved the collection of articles you share. Don't get me started on IG and it's algorithm. It will be interesting to see how Meghan Markle continues to influence fashion and style- I'm all for it and the highlighting of smaller brands!

  10. I hope you are feeling better! I was so sniffly yesterday too. For me, it was the allergies - ugh so bad! That Buzzfeed article on Stories was a good one! I also finally found a natural deodorant that I liked. Have you heard of Native? It is working really well for me!

  11. I love this kind of posts, they are so cute and different! I hope you're feeling better dear. :-)

  12. I hope you're feeling better now! I got a cold right when the weather started getting warmer here weird. That article about natural deodorant made me feel better! I use Dove too and have been having an internal debate about whether I should switch... but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm going to go read your IG links too--I'm vowing to give stories a try but so far I haven't yet!