Peaks of the Week

This is my fourth post this week. That feels pretty big to me right now since over the last six months I've only been posting three times, and sometimes one or two. I partly attribute it to my current experiment in laziness - I haven't washed my hair all week. I don't know about you, but I hate washing my hair. I feel like it's the biggest drain on my time, without say, the satisfaction I get when I devote an hour to painting my nails. While I'm not sure how much longer I can exist on dry shampoo, I've enjoyed the freedom my dirty hair has bestowed upon me.

Spring finally feels like it's arrived, which means the cherry blossoms are blooming. It's my favorite part of the whole year, and I'm happy I got to Wooster Square yesterday during the golden hour to snap some photos. It's so much better during an off time, especially for tripod photos! Though I really need to look into a long distance remote for my camera (if such a thing even exists). It's very persnickety about how far I can be and I feel like I can't always get the exact shots I want. While I was wandering around I noticed a house (actually a condo) for sale right in Wooster Square that I wish I could afford. For those views of the blossoms, I'd take it in a heartbeat!

Flickr was bought by SmugMug and right now promises not to takeaway anything we love about Flickr (like the affordable pro membership) and only make it better. Before I started the blog I was a much more active member of the Flickr community, photo groups with weekly prompts inspired and propelled me to take more photos, and of course the Wardrobe Remix group was one of the sparks that led to this blog. I'll I can say is that without my photos on Flickr, this blog would be a whole lot of blank space.

❀ Paris in China. The sincerest form of flattery?

❀ Cee's post on having nothing to wear certainly resonated with me.

❀ Stacy London's year of going broke was such an honest, vulnerable piece.

❀ After reading this article about how Disney's forthcoming streaming service could potentially disrupt or even destroy the movie theater industry, MoviePass, a subscription service for movie theaters seems like the perfect solution. Naturally the studios hate the concept and feel it devalues their content. However, current movie prices cause me to keep my distance from theaters and MoviePass would drastically change that.

❀ Pigeon cams (before drones were a thing).

❀ Families who fled Trump's America, how long is the nomadic dream sustainable I wonder?

❀ Not all cashmere is created equal.

❀ Dani got the prettiest photos with the D.C. Cherry blossoms, and now I'm thinking I need to pull out my floral pants.

❀ I love this Crochet Cami Dress at the Gap, but I'd actually want it as a nightgown, is that weird?

❀ What it's like to work at the Museum of Ice Cream.

❀ This week I've been listening to Other People's Pieces by Chilly Gonzales. For me, the standout track is the rendition of Weezer's Damage in Your Heart.


  1. I'm with you on the hair washing thing. Completely. For years I've been washing twice a week at best. By the last day before a wash, I'm usually living on dry shampoo but seriously - it's worth it not to have to spend all that time styling my hair more than once a week, particularly since any styling I do usually lasts a day at best :P Also, Dani's cherry blossom photos are making me unbearably jealous - I know exactly what trees she is standing under and I was under them myself just a little over a month ago... but they were totally bare then :/

  2. I wash my hair three times a week at most and I wish I could get away with doing it less. Even with my shorter hair it's just such a draining thing and I hate it. And I'm so glad the cherry blossoms are back - I definitely miss that about New Haven.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. Well I obviously need to check out the ice cream museum article, and Dani's look makes me want some floral pants! Now that my hair is shorter it's not a huge deal, but I feel the same way when it's longer. Washing and styling it is such a JOB.

  4. I HATE washing my hair too. The worst. headed to check out that article by Stacy London.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. Woohoo for 4 posts in a week!!
    I hate showering in general, so I feel you! Ha ha.
    MoviePass used to be good, I should have bought it months ago but I was like "will I really see that many movies." But now new members can only see 1 movie a week. What if 2 movies I want to see come out the same week, how do I decide which to see first? (Normally the movies I want to see are ones you have to see right away so you don't get spoiled, haha)

  6. I'd love to hear more about your experiments in laziness! ha! They sound... kind of nice! WOW, I had not heard of this Disney's streaming service. That is a little scary!! But, could be cool, too.


  7. I hate washing my hair, too. It takes forever to dry...

  8. What a great summary post of interesting things! And hair washing, don't even get me started! Curly hair brings with it a whole nightmare hair care routine! Love your name BTW, same name as my daughter! ❤

  9. I'm a big fan of dry shampoo! I'm trying to find new hairstyles I can wear to disguise my dirty hair as well, I wear it so simply it's easy to see when it needs a wash, haha! I truly think it's the best invention as I never get the time to wash my hair every day!

    Sorry I can't advise on the camera remote either, mine has been difficult a few times, once it was the camera, the other time it was the battery getting low - maybe chang th battery?

    Hope you are having a great weekend so far! :) Yesterday was a productive day for me, hoping for a relaxing day today.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. Four posts in a week is amazing! I am struggling just to get one up a week so brava to you! Also, I HATE washing my hair because my curls do NOT like it. Unfortunately dry shampoo doesn't help it so I have to still manually actually wash my hair. Sigh. First world problems.

  11. Looks like a great week!

  12. It seems like even though you've been busy even if you're lazy on the hair side. I wash mine once a week. The most 2. I use henna on my hair and it dries it horribly so I try avoid stripping it from the natural oils... or so I say.

  13. Cee's "Nothing To Wear" is a common dillemma for me from time to time too. ha! And yes, not all cashmeres sweaters are created equal!

    Jessica |