Cheers to Brunch

Having blogger events two consecutive weekends got me pretty spoiled, and brunch at The Place 2 Be in Hartford, CT was such a fun scene. The atmosphere is very casual, but quirky and fun. There is a swinging wicker chair you can hang out in while you wait for a table, and while they serve fancy cocktails, it's still a place you'd take children - who will of course want the over the top milkshakes. Basically an explosion of ice cream, sprinkles, and whipped cream - too good not to share!

I'm think (hoping) we've finally reached the turning point to spring weather. More light jackets and bare ankles in my future? Trying to put together this outfit definitely stressed me out. The more blogger events I attend, the more I realize how much we all love to partake in the current trends (why wouldn't we) but I also know it's a delicate line between partaking in the trend and regurgitating the trend. Some trends, like scallops, are just ME. I loved them before they were a trend, and I'm happy they aren't going away. Then there are things like the bamboo ark bag - what once was unknown now is known and it feels like it's lost some of what made it special. That doesn't mean I wont carry mine anymore, but I am happy with my decision to get a vintage one over a replication.

How to you incorporate trends into your wardrobe?

 blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-8.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-5.jpg cheers to brunch - cupcake belini-2.jpg bathtub brunch punch at the place 2 be-2.jpg bathtub brunch punch at the place 2 be-5.jpg birthday cake milk shake at the place 2 be-2.jpg birthday cake milk shake at the place 2 be-1.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-6.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-4.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-7.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-1.jpg
The Rundown
Cheers Collector Tee J.Crew Factory similar
Blush Leather Jacket Athleta similar
High Rise Button Fly Jeans Gap
Black Pumps "Natalie" Naturalizer
Scalloped Tote Matine
Loop Earrings Mejuri
Watch "Classic Sheffield" c/o Daniel Wellington
Diamond Chip Ring c/o Crown Jewelry
Crystal Bar Ring Upper Metal Class
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Princess Charming" Essie



  1. That looks like a pretty amazing place for a brunch (those milkshakes look intense!).

    I think, like you, I basically have to connect with a trend before I start incorporating it into my wardrobe, which tends to mean I don't add a lot of trendy pieces to my closet.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Styling trends really does feel like toeing such a fine line. It's something I've been thinking about a lot of spring, as I find myself drawing inspiration from some very different places - and somehow coming up with two very disparate styles of looks that I want to wear. In the end, I usually stick to the classics, but there are some trends I can't resist that somehow come to feel like me - straw bags, improbably, are one of them.

    On an event-related note, I can't not comment on those milkshakes, because they look incredible! I actually don't many sweets, aside from the occasional pastry indulgence and our Easter Cadbury milkshakes, but I could be convinced to change my mind by a milkshake like one of these!

  3. I am one of those that usually likes to try out a trend, but usually with a twist. Not to say I didn't get the white booties like many others, but there are times I'd rather have a slightly different version. I think getting older has made me want to stand out instead of blend in....
    I love the hem on those jeans, Lydia. I was going to ask if you'd done it yourself, but I went to them and saw!!

  4. Such a cute casual brunch look! So sad I wasn't invited to this one! (But I was in New York anyway, haha)
    I forgot you bought the Mejuri earrings, they're the best, aren't they?

  5. Oh my goodness that milkshake! Yum. I love the look you went with--it's classic but really modern still with the button-fly jeans and the blush jacket. I'm definitely not super trendy but I do like to incorporate trends into my wardrobe but mix them with classics. It looks like it was a fun brunch!

  6. That milkshake looks amazing! and I really love these jeans on you!


  7. Glad you enjoyed your blogger events. That dessert looks too good to be true. And I know what you mean about trends. I still have my Cult Gaia bag, but I haven't worn it this spring yet.

  8. I love this blazer! The blush pink is beautiful and those jeans are fabulous paired with it. I love the casual chic look you put together!

  9. I am on a diet and your post made me first envious and then hungry... oh and speaking of scallops I'm gonna send you a DIY you're gonna flip over!

  10. I love the simplicity and practicality of this look. You really can't go wrong with leather jackets, and yours has a really cute color. Such a pretty casual outfit for spring.

    Jessica |