Lulu The Face Company

Over the weekend I visited Lulu The Face Company in Litchfield, CT. In a gorgeous sunny space, mirror lined walls provided the backdrop for the displays of makeup. With 30 years in the beauty industry, owner Linda Temkin set out to create a makeup line that would be more like skin care. The 100% natural and 95% vegan line uses anti-aging peptides and botanicals, as well as pure minerals which have anti-inflammatory properties to calm the skin. Though in my opinion, it's the option to have products customized that really sets the line apart.

I had a lovely afternoon socializing, trying out some new makeup, and enjoying snacks which were provided by Mockingbird Kitchen & Bar, which I will have to add to my list of restaurants to visit next time I'm in the area.

I got to have my very own custom mixed CC cream after a quick conversation with Linda about my skincare concerns, all of which could easily be addressed. Mattifier for my oily skin, sunscreen so I could skip an extra step in the morning, and a couple drops of ylang ylang essential oil to help with acne.

In addition to custom foundation colors, custom lip colors can also be blended, and given any kind of finish desired, from glossy to matte, with or without cinnamon and peppermint as plumping agents.

For anyone who loves the idea of having customized makeup sent right to their door, Lulu is launching a quarterly subscription box. The Lulu Love List Box will retail for $135, with a value of $225-$275 and contain three full size items. After signing up for the box a questionnaire can be filled out online, or local customers can set up a time to meet with Linda in person to determine how they'd like their products to be customized. Only 25 of these subscription boxes will be available when they launch next month. If you'd like to try a product from Lulu The Face Company this month, use code INSIDERAPRIL for 25% off your purchase!

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Thanks to Lulu The Face Company for inviting me to your insider event!


  1. I love the idea of custom-mixed make-up products, especially foundation. While I do have a couple of types of foundation I really love, none quite ticks a hundred percent of the boxes on my foundation wishlist - although Estee Lauder's DoubleWear does come very close. Custom lip colours are equally tempting, but I feel like it's probably better I just never go down that road - I could get addicted to that kind of creative freedom far too easily.

  2. This sounds like such a fun event!!
    I had a custom color foundation made at my dad's work when I was like 11, haha. Far too young to need it but it was a fun activity for take your daughter to work day ;)

  3. I could see myself getting addicted to custom mixed foundation (seriously). It seems like such a perfect idea...

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. What a cool event! The custom foundation and lip colors both sound very practical. The food and drinks they served all look delish too - what a fun way to shop!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. This sounds like a really fun event! I'd love to have a custom color mixed for me. I swear I always pick the wrong foundation color!

  6. What a cool idea to have products personalized just for you this way!!!

  7. Personalized makeup sounds awesome!!! I'll have to look into it.

  8. This sounds like the perfect day! I've never had customized makeup before. I also love the idea of a subscription box, I am addicted to those. Love your pretty skirt!


  9. A custom mixed CC cream sounds awesome!

  10. What a beautiful space and it sounds like such an amazing time. I love the idea of having your own custom mixed CC Cream!?! I'm sure it worked amazing!

  11. What a fun event to attend! Custom skin care sounds so fabulous. What a treat.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  12. Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I can see why you wanted to do a separate post on it !I'd love some customised makeup, it's wonderful it can be tailor made for you! :)

    Hope you have had a great week so far and you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! It's been a bit cooler and rainy this week here but I'm not complaining, I'm excited Autumn is starting to arrive at last :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  13. That's such an adorable box, and an even more adorable space! I'd love to try these products myself. Thanks for sharing dear!

    Jessica |

  14. This sounds like a fun event and I love the idea of custom products! And the yummy snacks can't hurt either :)