April Closet Additions

I didn't shop too much this month, but that was more than my goal of not shopping at all, if I'm being honest. I let temptation get the best of me and snagged a vintage macrame bag on Etsy, and also got an eBay win for a Rachel Comey fringe sweater than I've been coveting since 2015 (evidenced by this tweet). I also included some of my birthday gifts (the ones which were linkable, haha) because that did happen this month, much as I'd rather not discuss that milestone.

Know what else is from 2015? My copy of Photoshop Elements, which I bought so that I could do basic things like put together these collages for the blog, but then never ever used. But considering Polyvore is no more, my hand was forced, and honestly, what was I holding out for? I got it for a crazy good price too, only $30. It's currently $90, but if you need something for basic blog photo editing it's a decent program. In a pinch and in need of something free, I've used Pixlr (and why did I do that when I had Elements? I don't know...)

To sum up, this month I bought a sweater I didn't buy in 2015 and I used a program for the first time that I did buy in 2015.

J.Crew Factory Scalloped Cami, $17
J.Crew Factory Side Tie Shell, gift
Gap True Skinny Sculpt White Jeans, $34
Ten Thousand Villages Lush Floral Scarf, gift
J.Crew Factory Striped Ruffle Bodysuit, $18
Vintage Macrame Tote via Etsy, $40
Rachel Comey Fringe Sweater via eBay, $54


  1. OMG that sweater!!! I did really great about not shopping until the end of this month and I was badddddd. The thing is, that is really stupid because everything is either spring or summer and it's still barely spring here so I'm buying out of season!

  2. That sweater was definitely worth waiting three seasons for - and I admire that you were dedicated enough to do exactly that! I feel like I was good about shopping this month, which is how I feel every month, but the reality is, my PayPal account is empty and I get a fair number of payments to it every month... which means several things "snuck" into my wardrobe and I'm now pretending that didn't happen :P

  3. Love that sweater! Such a good find!!! I was very good with clothing purchases this month but I misbehaved a little and bought a couple Disney collectibles, haha. But I'm using this week's upcoming RS commission to pay for them ;)
    Love that orange tank too, suuuper cute!

  4. I saw that macrame bag on your IG today and I love it, so I think it was totally a good addition to your closet.

  5. Okay, that sweater is beyond amazing (I am in total agreement with all the commentators on that). I did pretty good with shopping this month; I just used up a few gift cards remaining from Christmas. But I've got plans to leave Eleanor with my parents in a few weeks and hit the mall (and I'm ridiculously looking forward to it) so I'll probably do some significant damage then.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. That sweater immediately caught my eye in the collage. What a great find and good price! I can't wait to see you wear it!

  7. I was laughing over the sweater that you didn't buy in 2015 and the program that you DID buy in 2015. It worked out though! I love that scalloped cami you found, and the floral scarf is so pretty! I also bought Photoshop Elements around that same time, but then my laptop (a PC) died, and I replaced it with a Mac, so the version I bought was no longer relevant. I haven't felt like ponying up the bucks for it again.

  8. I was so sad when Polyvore shut down! All of my sets were going in one day!
    I am looking to use something new! Thanks for sharing!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  9. I've been trying to buy less this month, but it's a never ending battle. At least you find some items that are second hand!! You should join us on Instagram for our #thriftedchicstylechallenge that is May 14-18!! I'll have the post up on my feed tomorrow night if you want the specifics!!

  10. Well, its said that whatever is for you will find you... looks like the sweater did !
    I have let myself go when it comes to shopping, I am not considering a ban or even close to it. What I have been doing is skipping the mall and heading to consignment shops. I feel a little less guilty.

  11. Lovely finds dear. My fave would be that scalloped cami. So pretty, simple, and really versatile top!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com