I'm not in West Hartford too often, perhaps once a year. But the other weekend it was my cousin's birthday, so we went to go visit him. It was a perfect evening for having dinner outdoors, people watching in Blue Back Square. Then we recognized a couple passing by, Sean's cousin who's wedding we attended a month ago. As we socialized with them, another familiar face appeared, my best friend's little brother, and to top it off, it was half off cheesecake day at the Cheesecake Factory.

It was kind of a perfect evening, even if bumping into people in the town they happen to live in isn't an extraordinary thing, it still felt like it was meant to be.

 dalmatian print skirt, white bodysuit, bamboo bag-7.jpg dalmatian print skirt, white bodysuit, bamboo bag-2.jpg dalmatian print skirt, white bodysuit, bamboo bag-6.jpg dalmatian print skirt, white bodysuit, bamboo bag-5.jpg dalmatian print skirt, white bodysuit, bamboo bag-3.jpg dalmatian print skirt, white bodysuit, bamboo bag-8.jpg dalmatian print skirt, white bodysuit, bamboo bag-4.jpg dalmatian print skirt, white bodysuit, bamboo bag-1.jpg
The Rundown
White Bodysuit Gap
Dalmatian Print Skirt Loft via Consignment Originals
Huarache Mules "Camila" Rebecca Minkoff similar
Vintage Japanese Bamboo Bag via eBay similar vintage, only $65!
Silk Scarf Loft similar
Teagan Earrings Slate via Rocksbox
Teagan Necklace Slate via Rocksbox
Fatima Bracelet c/o Gorjana similar
Liho Liho Ring Rudiment via Rocksbox
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Nail Color "Couture Curator" Essie



  1. Sounds like a perfect evening indeed and your outfit was perfect for a summere night.


  2. What you've described is exactly what summer evenings are supposed to be, I think. We spend so much time inside during the winter that simply bumping into someone becomes next to impossible and, even if you do, the odds you'll want to spend much time outside chatting is pretty slim. It sounds like you had the perfect summer evening, and what a lovely look for it - of course I'm biased because it's mostly black and white, but still, I love it :)

  3. What a fun coincidence! Sounds like a fun time and you looked gorgeous for it!

  4. That's so funny!! Always so weird bumping in to people in random places, and this time was soooo many!

  5. Coincidences like that are so great aren't they? And that's such a lovely skirt for strolling around and running into people unexpectedly.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. What a fun evening! And I'm loving these look- that skirt is so cute!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Nice black and white / polka outfit ;)


  8. Love the dots and your bag! Sounds like a great evening! Also, I didn't know they had a day with half off cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory! I will have to mark that on my calendar for next year!


  9. Oh wow I had not see that cool skirt in a while...
    How fun that you randomly ran into people, here it happens often. Which is probably one of the reasons I make an effort to get dressed.

  10. Running into friends is always nice... especially if it comes with cheesecake :) I love this look and your hair is so gorgeous! Making me wish I hadn't chopped all mine off :)

  11. Thanks for linking up with Thursday Moda!

  12. I love the top! Looks so comfy, yet classic. The skirt is perfect too. Your hair is so gorgeous, by the way.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com