Beach Chic

The past couple months I've been adding some more bohemian inspired pieces to my closet, as it is a style I love to admire but don't often wear. In the case of this tiered maxi skirt I was able to get from Swap (get 20% off your first order and free shipping) for next to nothing, I couldn't pass it up. In the case of the fringe tote, it was just too fun and cute!

I know it is already August and I haven't had a beach day yet. Anyone who lives hours from the beach, feel free to cast your stink eyes - I have no excuse when I'm never more than five minutes from a beach!

Even still, when discussing future places of residence, being on the shoreline is a non-negotiable for me. I suppose it's because it's all I've ever known, and while I know there is plenty of beauty in landlocked places, for me there is just a certain amount of comfort in knowing the ocean (or the sound) is there.

 black button down, bohemian maxi skirt, kayu pinata tote-10.jpg black button down, bohemian maxi skirt, kayu pinata tote-8.jpg black button down, bohemian maxi skirt, kayu pinata tote-7.jpg black button down, bohemian maxi skirt, kayu pinata tote-1.jpg black button down, bohemian maxi skirt, kayu pinata tote-3.jpg black button down, bohemian maxi skirt, kayu pinata tote-9.jpg black button down, bohemian maxi skirt, kayu pinata tote-6.jpg black button down, bohemian maxi skirt, kayu pinata tote-2.jpg
The Rundown
Black Silk Button Down Joe Fresh
Paisley Print Maxi Skirt Cotton On via similar
Leather Flip Flops Gap
Raffia 'Pinata' Tote Bag Kayu via J.Crew
Panama Hat J.Crew
Gold Fringe Bracelet Taken for Granite similar
Crystal Bar Ring Upper Metal Class



  1. We are very much alike since I've just been adding a couple of boho things too!!
    I can see why this bag was calling your name---too cute, Lydia!!!

  2. I am all for that gorgeous skirt ! The shirt tied at the waist was a great choice, this looks boho beach lux. Very, very pretty. I can relate to certain things being non negotiable, there are things you just need. When we began looking for a place to buy, a home to live in, there were so many nice places that were about 35 minutes from the city but I could not live in a place that was not the city I grew up in. In fact, I wanted the same neighbourhood. So after A LOT of searching we found a small apartment 11 streets away from where I lived in my childhood+teens and 7 streets away from where i lived before I got married. A deal.

  3. Such a pretty skirt! And I know! I only went to the beach for the first time last Friday morning for a couple hours, haha. Oops!

  4. Such a gorgeous skirt! I love it with your bag!


  5. Very nice summer outfit ;)

  6. Love the beach pictures, and that skirt is so pretty!

  7. That skirt is so gorgeous and what a pretty location for pics. I love being close to the beach as well.


  8. I also live close to the beach, and I've only been to the beach once. Haha!
    Love your cute and romantic look! :)

  9. you're right - the fringe bag is too stinkin' cute!

    xo, Maddy

  10. I love seeing this more bohemian style on you, it just suits your shoreline home so perfectly and you look so relaxed and happy wearing it. The skirt is beautiful and it pairs so well with that fringed tote, which I admit that I already loved - so I'm biased but that's not a surprise ;) I'm still with you on not taking advantage of the water nearby. Despite having a pool on our rooftop, I have yet to use it this year!