August Budget

Each month as a sit and recount my purchases I have the same two thoughts - "I got that many things?!" and "Am I forgetting something?"

One might think that I could have the decency to not only recall what I have decided to spend my money on, and furthermore, actually wear those things. Yet, a number of these items have yet to be worn, let alone make it to the blog.

Let's recount: M.I.H. Jeans. Loved them on Meg, so when they were on sale and she texted me the link, I bought them, and haven't worn them yet, though they did just arrive on Tuesday.

Things from Banana Republic. Friends and Family Sale + credit card rewards = me feeling like I have an obligation to buy things. I haven't worn any of these pieces yet.

Coco's on the Green fill a bag sale. I went on pretty much the last day, but still managed to find a Milly skirt (and I even found a picture to include below!) therefore, to make my $10 bag feel more worthwhile I scrounged up three other pieces I didn't necessarily need (not pictured). Haven't worn anything yet.

Roundabout summer clearance sale. I always manage to find something, this year it was a floral Equipment blouse. I'm feeling like I need to cool it with the floral tops, I'm probably reaching 20 by now. I did wear it! It will be on the blog next week.

Old Navy green shorts. It hasn't been much a shorts summer for me, but again, I've been envying Meg's green shorts, so I got them. Worn once.

Loft silk square scarf. I wore this out of the store, and it's probably gotten the most use of any of these things, haha.

Old Navy Shorts, free after rewards
Banana Republic Factory Knit Top, $5 after rewards
Banana Republic Factory Cherry Blossom Top, $5 after rewards
Banana Republic One Shoulder Top, $6 after rewards
Equipment Floral Blouse, $24 via Roundabout
Loft Square Silk Scarf, $10
M.I.H. Tomboy Jeans, $55 via The Outnet
Milly Linen Skirt, J.Crew Peplum Top, J.Crew Cotton Scarf, Loft Cardigan, $10 via Coco's on The Green

Gifted Items
Hobbs Dress
JORD Watch


  1. I am super impressed by how little money you ended up spending, particularly considering how much you added to your wardrobe. But I do see your point about not actually wearing the pieces. I haven't done much shopping myself this month - or this summer at all, to be honest. At least, that's why I think until I start to consider the number of items I've actually added to my wardrobe and while, like you, I haven't spent much, the amount of new things I've acquired is still substantial. That said, I have worn all of mine ;)

  2. Lately I have that same feeling that I have too many clothes, and I haven't worn so much!! Not that I should complain, but it makes me feel wasteful! I have those Banana Republic rewards too, and it's making me think I should change to a card where I get money instead?? Then again, we get such great deals at BR (even my husband)

  3. You got some great items this month! I love your floral tops and that scarf!

  4. I'm always struck by the incredible deals you find - all this just confirms it! These pieces are all stunning.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. On the bright side you did not spend much Lydia. My fave here are the scarf and the one shoulder top.
    I have been cutting back a lot. Avoiding the mall at all costs. Going to thrift shops. Going through my closet is driving me insane. There is so much I have not worn in so long it feels like I am throwing money out the window.
    I've been taking items to the consignment store and am planning on having a super small budget for next year. In fact I am considering that my budget be whatever I get from consigning my clothes during this year. So far I have about 100 bucks.. we'll see.

  6. I've been shopping a lot of Old Navy and Banana lately. Pretty nice picks here.

  7. Haha, oh no!! Like half of these things are my fault!!! If you end up not wearing that gray sweater I'll take it off your hands ;)
    Whenever I buy new things I have to add it to my wardrobe update right away, haha....

  8. That one shoulder top is SO very cute! You can really wear it into fall too...and let's talk about how adorable it will be for spring! :)


  9. While you might have got a lot and not had a chance to wear it all yet, you did get some awesome pieces and at bargain prices! :)

    I don't think you can have too many floral pieces - it's a fun print and every take on it is slightly different! :)

    I have my 'wear it twice in the month I buy it' rule to make sure I'm considering my purchases. Even so it was a bit of a squeeze to wear everything this month with my return to shopping, so I'll probably take a shopping break again next month!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From The Blue Blog