Props to you

The more I love life, the more life I have to love.

Chloe hasn't been in outfit photos in ages, since the fall I think, though neither of us were having it with this photo session. The wind was chilling, and regrettably there was no warm beverage in my cup at that time. Here is a little secret - you really can't draw on your Starbucks cup until it's empty. Two reasons for this, first achieving an optimal drawing angle will result in spilling coffee, and second, by the time you've decided what you should draw, you'll have finished your coffee.

 creme de la creme sweatshirt, leather jacket, dog walking outfit-3.jpg creme de la creme sweatshirt, leather jacket, dog walking outfit-11.jpg creme de la creme sweatshirt, leather jacket, dog walking outfit-9.jpg creme de la creme sweatshirt, leather jacket, dog walking outfit-6.jpg creme de la creme sweatshirt, leather jacket, dog walking outfit-2.jpg creme de la creme sweatshirt, leather jacket, dog walking outfit-5.jpg creme de la creme sweatshirt, leather jacket, dog walking outfit-1.jpg
The Rundown
Creme de la Creme Sweatshirt Tobi similar
Leather Jacket Express similar
Yoga Jeans Second Denim via Coco & Vera's Giveaway
White Sneakers "Dainty" Converse
Bag "Lewis Drive Michela" Kate Spade similar
Grey Fur Pom Amazon
Bling Earrings c/o JoJo Loves You
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses "Emma" Ray-Ban similar
Nail Color "Zip Me Up" Essie
Dog Chloe
Chevron Leash Dabney Lee via TJMaxx



  1. very nice casual outfit
    i like your tee

  2. You two look so adorable strolling together (bummer that the wind was so bracing though).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. The flowers on the cup are so cute!!
    And ugh, stupid wind! it's really the worst

  4. Super cool outfit! Your puppy is too cute. We've been on the hunt for a puppy for our little girl. I had no idea it would be this much work.

  5. It is easier though to have a cup in hand for photos...just for the fact that your hand has something to do!!!
    Chloe is a great accessory too!

  6. Oh those Starbucks cups! I've been seeing them all over instagram but I didn't realize you had the draw on them yourself - silly me, but they haven't made their way to Europe yet. That said, I have no idea how anyone would manage to draw on a cup with hot coffee in it, it just doesn't seem like a recipe for anything pretty enough to take a photo of :P All that said, the cup does make an adorable accessory, though it definitely doesn't outshine Chloe. I'm sure she hated being in these photos but I always love seeing her make an appearance :)

  7. Those starbucks cups are so cute! And your mani matches yours! I love the color of your nail polish!

  8. Oh I really love this sweater.
    Haha she does seem to be in a hurry to go somewhere... inside maybe ?
    They opened a Starbucks across from where I work about 6 months ago and I've been there maybe twice.

  9. Love this casual look! Your pup is so cute! The spring Starbucks cups are too cute!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  10. That quote is so true. I've been practicing gratitude for the past few months and I definitely like a happier person. It is so funny how such a small change can have such a big impact. On a fashion note, this is a perfect weekend outfit. Your sweater is so cute!

    Nicole to the Nines

  11. Chloe is so cute! and I love your tee!


  12. Aww, I always log when there are pups in pics! :) You both are such cuties. Love the graphic tee too!


  13. Chloe is a great accessory and your outfit is perfect.