In Velvet

I act on all inspirations as they are received.

Before it becomes seasonal inappropriate, these velvet pants need a little more love. I had a double booked day of a Baptism followed by a baby shower, and while I'd normally reach for a dress, it was very cold, and I had my mind made up to replicate this J.Crew look, so I did.

Now that I look at these photos I feel like these pants need to be hemmed a bit. Checking out the stock photo I realize these are supposed to be ankle length, haha. Though who am I kidding, I won't get around to that until next winter.

 velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch-4.jpg velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch-8.jpg velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch-3.jpg velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch.jpg velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch-1.jpg velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch-6.jpg velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch-7.jpg velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch-9.jpg velvet pants, camel coat, silver pumps, leopard clutch-11.jpg
The Rundown
Lace Back Sophia Sweater c/o Cabi
Velvet Pixie Pants Old Navy
Camel Coat J.Crew thrifted similar
Silver Pumps Kate Spade via Coco's similar
Leopard Clutch Clare Vc/o Shopbop
Turquoise Necklace AJS Design Studio via TJMaxx
Gold Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Opal Ring T by Tahari similar
Stacked Rings Gorjana via TJMaxx similar
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx



  1. Love those velvet pants! Sounds like they were perfect for your day, and you are smart to get one more wear out of them before it warms up more.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. As much as I love the idea of ankle length pants, I have to be honest and say I just don't think it's realistic for us petites - unless we want to spent a small fortune on tailoring bills, that is, and personally, I'm just not inclined to do it. I'm not sure it would work with velvet as well as with jeans, but I'm all about cuffing. And either way, no matter what the length of these pants, they are fabulous, and I love the bordeaux shade paired with your camel coat.

  3. Perfect for a double baby event day, haha! :D Who knows, maybe next year longer pants will be all the rage so it won't matter if you haven't hemmed them yet, haha

  4. Cute outfit! Love that leopard handbag.

  5. I like that you paired the velvet pants with the camel coat. Definitely have to get a few more wears in before spring starts!

  6. I hear you- I wonder if I'll be able to wear my velvet pieces at all come full-blown spring. Maybe the slipdresses/blouses- but certainly the trousers will have to go!

    Love this outfit, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. I was just thinking I hadn't worn my velvet pants enough this winter and was going to pull them out tomorrow. Love how yours look paired with camel!

  8. Perfect look for winter celebrations! Love those velvet pants, fab color on you.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  9. I absolutely adore those pants - seriously, those are amazing.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  10. That bag look stunning:-)

  11. Fabulous!! Those pants are just right for the weather now, and will be next year so wear them in good health my dear.

  12. I don't know, Lydia!! This length for the pants could be perfect...if you don't mind wearing them with heels!! I would never look at these photos and think they are too long!
    But they do look scrumptious!! Glad you got one more wear from them before it gets too warm!

  13. LOVE, the velvet trend and love how you incorporated it into this look. So beautiful! As for getting clothes hemmed / altered... I'm the worst, mostly I never get around to it! Haha!! xo

  14. Love the velvet pants! I bought a black pair and have yet to wear them, funny thing "season appropriate" if I were to adhere to that I would never wear half of my clothes !

  15. I love that velvet color with the leopard print! Lovely texture and print combination!

  16. Yes, these need to be seen more before it gets to warm, so pretty! Incredible styling, sophisticated and modern.


  17. Love that deep velvet color. I also love those metallic heels! Great look!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous outfit. Love how you style all these different shades so well together.

    xo Ashon

  19. This is a perfect outfit for the day you had planned! I like the velvet pants and am all about getting one more wear out of the winter items in my closet!

    Nicole to the Nines

  20. Love these chic velvet pants & how you styled this look, definitely get as much use out of them while you can!

  21. Oh the color and texture of those pants are gorgeous!

  22. Chic look in this outfit.
    Wishes you an International Women's Day & treat yourself a little with our Women's Leather Handbags Online UK

  23. Those velvet pants are beautiful, it's great you could get another wear out of them (and for multiple events!) before it got too warm to wear. The length doesn't look too long in all of the pics, but I guess if you have them hemmed you have the option of wearing them with flats too! :)

    Hope you are having a great week! Happy International Women's Day! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  24. Love those pants! Such a pretty color!


  25. Very nice look! Those pants are great!