Summer in Lilly

I know it's fall now, but my dress I got from the Lilly After Party Sale arrived earlier this month, and I knew I just had to get one wear in before summer's end. Waiting until the last possible moment, on the last day of summer, Sean and I went to dinner at Shell and Bones in New Haven. The restaurant has some gorgeous water views, and we were treated to a magnificent sunset along with our delicious meal.

 Lilly Pulitzer Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress, silver pumps, pink bag-3.jpg Lilly Pulitzer Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress, silver pumps, pink bag-5.jpg Lilly Pulitzer Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress, silver pumps, pink bag-4 Lilly Pulitzer Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress, silver pumps, pink bag-6.jpg Lilly Pulitzer Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress, silver pumps, pink bag-8.jpg Lilly Pulitzer Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress, silver pumps, pink bag-2.jpg Lilly Pulitzer Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress, silver pumps, pink bag-1.jpg
 The Rundown
Aralyn Shell Eyelet Shift Dress Lilly Pulitzer
Silver Pumps Kate Spade via Coco's similar similar
Pink Bag "Penny" Coach via ebay similar
Double Pearl Bracelet Thrifted similar
Ring Gorjana via TJMaxx similar
Pink Cocktail Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box similar



  1. Love this print! Looks great paired with the pink bag :)


  2. Ooh another pretty Lilly dress! Haha. You certainly have a knack for finding the non-garish ones. The little shells are so you :D

  3. If summer really has to end - and it does, sadly - and you have to settle for just one last hurrah - which we all do - then it should be done in a fabulous dress. And while I can't imagine wearing this one, I have to say that it is totally fabulous on you and especially appropriate for dinner by the water. Plus I love how your pink bag pulls out the subtle pink tones in the dress, I don't know if I would have noticed them otherwise because they're so subtle, but the combination of the two pieces is really pretty.

  4. Such a super cute dress, lady- glad you got to break it in before fall really hits! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. Lily is such a classic brand! Lovely dress. Glad you got in a wear before the temps cool.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. I am so in love with that dress! What a stunning piece.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. This dress is so pretty! I'm glad you got the chance to wear it before the cold weather hits!


    Tamara -

  8. Scalloped, check
    Tassel, check
    Very pretty Lydia - I like how the bag brings out the color on the dress.

  9. That dress is just gorgeous. I love that lace overlay!

    District of Chic

  10. This dress fits you Perfectly and the shell design is so cute. Enjoy!!

  11. Oh my goodness I want that dress so much! It's perfection with a pink bag to bring out the bit of pink in the print! So pretty!

  12. That dress is so pretty! I love the scalloped hem

  13. Man, Lydia---that dress is absolutely gorgeous!!
    It's a perfect example of how dressing up can be so easy---just slap on this dress and va va voom!!

  14. This is absolutely gorgeous and fits you perfectly! I want to get one and go on vacation!

  15. this is probably the prettiest Lilly piece I've ever seen, love the scallop details.


  16. I love the shell pattern on this dress- very fitting to wear it to a place called Shell and Bones! :) Also, your little pink crossbody is so adorable.

  17. Oh you look lovely and it is a beautiful, beautiful dress! I love the details, like the zipper!

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  19. That is a beautiful dress. Perfect for the setting!

    Sincerely, Jennie

  20. What a pretty dress! I love how even the zipper pull is a shell. It's perfection with that bright pink bag too. It sounds like a wonderful dinner, clearly with a great view!

  21. Beautiful dress and I love the detailing. Definitely worth a last minute wear before the weather starts to get cooler!

    The Hidden Thimble