Friday five under $50

I shop too much. I know. I spend my days just thinking of what I will buy next, but rather than thoughtful purchases that will improve my wardrobe by filling a hole, I fall for a cute dress I might wear once a season.

I feel like I'm forever challenging myself to be more considerate of my purchases, but then there is a cute, cheap whatever staring me in the face that I can't say no to, and fail once again.

So here I am to tempt you with a few fun, inexpensive pieces, hopefully none of which I buy myself.

Dress With Frills, $36 at Zara
Ryann Crossbody Bag, $39 at J.Crew Factory
Pendant Necklace, $10 at H&M
Wool Fedora, $40 at Mango
Black Mules, $51 at ModCloth


  1. I have to say I think it would be so interesting if we ever went shopping together, because I feel like we are polar opposites - I have always been the person who, when opening a magazine, set her eyes on the most expensive thing on the page and fell in love. It's unintentional. I don't know how I always know, but my taste has always been for champagne while my budget is well, not so much. Whenever you feature affordable things, I think they look so cute, but I'm almost positive that if I saw them in a store, without guidance, I would barely notice them, or worse, turn my nose up at them entirely, as I usually do with most of the stock in stores like H&M. Zara is my only cheap and cheerful weakness, and it's not even all that cheap these days! I do love this selection though, especially the hat.

  2. Well, as with any "problem" the first step is to admit it ;)
    I'm on the same boat with you and to think I limit my on line shopping because the shipping charges to where I live are outrageous... if not imagine the damage I could do.
    These days I have been going bonkers with local sales. Economy is quite sloppy these days and a lot (A LOT) of stores are closing here and sales are everywhere. Just last night I fell for 2 bags.

  3. The first paragraph describes me to a 'T'. I really want to be a better shopper, spend less and buy better but it's such a struggle!

  4. I'm guilty of this as well! Thanks for the cute finds!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  5. These colors are gorgeous. I love burgundy so much and need to get some more of it in my wardrobe. That dress is lovely!

  6. Oh that dress is cute! I like the burgundy colour too, a great one I seem drawn to in cooler weather! :) Bargains are so hard for me to resist for sure! I find the no buy months are a good challenge for me - while I failed no buy July last year I achieved it this year and I'm trying no spender September now, haha! Not even half way through that yet though so we will see how I go ;)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Nice finds, I myself think I shop too much as well, and lot of what I buy sometimes get lost in my closet.

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  8. SO many good pieces here -- I'm loving that chic dress and those mules are AMAZING!
    PS: adoring your site updates. :)


  9. I try to stick to a list and fill wardrobe holes, but at the same time I'm also sucked in by bargains more often than not. So thanks for these temptations, ha! Love that bag especially.