Flowers in Carmel

After procuring our rental car, a cute little grey Jetta, we started our journey south to Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea. The gloom held fast and despite our hopes that as we headed down the coast things would warm up, our stroll along the brick sidewalks of Carmel was a chilly one.

That aside, Carmel is a charming little town. It's downtown area is full of shops and restaurants and no stretch of sidewalk or storefront is without flowers or succulents and I became so enamoured with the succulents that I desperately want to plant them in my own little 'garden' now.

Floral Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket, brown sandals.jpgFloral Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket, brown sandals-4.jpgflower and succulent garden-1.jpgFloral Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket, brown sandals-5.jpgflower and succulent garden-2.jpgFloral Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket, brown sandals-3.jpgFloral Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket, brown sandals-2.jpgflower and succulent garden.jpgFloral Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket, brown sandals-1.jpg
The Rundown
Floral Maxi Dress Banana Republic
Distressed Denim Jacket Gap similar
Sandals "Keira" Trask via in.d giveaway
Brooklyn Camera Bag ONA via Young Adventuress Giveaway
Bling Earrings JoJo Loves You
Pineapple Necklace Moon & Lola via Rocksbox
Gold Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Gold Wrap Ring gift from Meg similar
Nail Color "It's a Boy" OPI


  1. This dress is stunning on you, love it!

  2. I love that dress on you and the peep leg action is perfect for summer. Enjoy!

  3. Soooo many pretty flowers! And I love the color of that gate.
    Oh, and love the denim jacket with the maxi! haha (i always seem to comment on the background and not your outfits these days! ;) )

  4. Even when you travel you manage to coordinate your outfits to your setting--I'm so impressed :) I love that maxi dress paired with a denim jacket--it adds the perfect casual touch.
    I also loved your foggy Golden Gate pics from your post yesterday... so gorgeous.

  5. Oh wow this is a lovely maxi and it matches the garden... how'd you pull that off?!

  6. That dress is so perfectly suited to the floral landscape in Carmel! I love all he white Spanish-style houses in the background, too - to me, that architecture just screams California and I absolutely love it.

  7. That is the perfect place to wear a floral maxi! Beautiful :)

  8. The flowers are gorgeous as is your beautiful dress! How picturesque!

  9. Carmel is such a charming place and love your maxi dress.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  10. The floral backdrop is perfect for the floral maxi dress! :) Shame the weather was colder than expected for you though.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. love this pretty maxi on you, I have to make it there next time I visit Cali.


  12. The flowers in the background are so beautiful, love your dress!

  13. What a gorgeous place, and loving your casual chic look. We're heading to Cali next month, and doing the drive, so it's fun to see where you're going! Renting a car is next. :)


  14. Sounds like Carmel is lovely! I love small little towns with mom and pop shops :)

    Edye | Http://

  15. Love your dress, this outfit looks great on you.

  16. I love hearing about your little travels! Sounds like things are going well! I love that maxi dress on you... And all those flowers are gorgeous!

  17. It's that June Gloom everyone talks about in Cali! I encountered that, too. I had packed sleeveless dresses and had to purchase a sweatshirt early in the trip to stay warm!

    That maxi is gorgeous on you!

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