June Budget

The thing about shopping bans is that sometimes they backfire and as soon as I can shop again I immediately purchasing everything I'd been coveting.

Combine that with being on vacation with nothing but time and shopping aplenty, not to mention downtime in airports and the ease of mobile shopping, well, the results are as follows:

Gap Black Maxi Dress, $3 (after discounts & rewards)
Gap Brown Leather Flip Flops, $3.96 (after discounts & rewards)
Gap High Rise Flares, $2.65 (after discounts & rewards)
Victoria's Secret Bikini Top, $25.50
Banana Republic Peplum Top, $12
Forever 21 Slip Dress, $10
H&M Tassel Tee, $18
H&M Open Shoulder Blouse, $15
H&M Striped Top, $18
Eileen Fisher Black Vest/Dress, $22 via consignment
Soludos x Lemlem Espadrilles c/o Shopbop
Rebecca Minkoff Waist Bag c/o Shopbop
Vionic Jura Slide Sandal c/o Vionic

Total $130

I make no apologies. It was a month of indulgence, a month of shopping. Never mind the underlying issues causing me to refresh a product page dozens of times waiting for my size to pop back rather than just accepting that it might be sold out and moving on. Never mind the desperate belief that a purchase will bring me happiness beyond the initial thrill. I know the compulsion is something I need to work to break myself from, I know I need to learn how to actually be happy. But this is where I am right now, forever shopping for the life I want, not the life I have.


  1. I find I usually shop when I'm upset about something, even something really minor. Probably a dangerous thing to be doing but it actually does give a sense of happiness, even though it might be false I suppose. Honestly, I work pretty hard not to pull at the thread, which also might not be the greatest thing for me.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Haha, whoopsieeee!!! BUT you got so many pieces! You got 10 things for HALF the price I paid for my Proenza pants...so you win

  3. Okay, I have to say - if on a month when you go all out, you spend only $130, I don't think you can blame yourself at all. While I don't shop often, I would be lying if I said many of the single items I purchase were that inexpensive. I am not mindful of discounts or sales, which I own up to and it is totally my own fault, but I think we all have different ways to indulge and, since we only live once, why not run with it? I do love those silver slide sandals, and the tassel top is really fun.

  4. Honestly I think you did a great job this month! You were able to get quite a bit for the money. I am loving the tassel tee!

  5. I had a shopping spree in December that took a long time to pay. I dont want to go back there. I think your purchases were quite reasonable in price and you were on vacation, so give yourself a break ;)

  6. Girl you know how to stretch a dollar! I think you did an amazing job and bought great pieces. I'm with you though - shopping for the life I want not the one I have, I say this tongue in cheek because I have a very happy life and I am grateful but there's just something about shopping!

  7. I bought some Gap flares this month, too! It's hard to resist a sale :)

  8. I love that sleeveless top, and I want those Gap pants so bad! Good choices!

  9. I love budget, and i want to buy more clothes with less money


  10. I feel like you got a lot of stuff for the amount you spent! All great pieces.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. Well for a month of indulgences you sure didn't spend all that month! I think you got a lot for your money--especially the stuff at Gap, great deals!! Love that print BR tank and the espadrilles especially!

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