Sandal weather

About a month ago I was reading Alissa's blog and in her post she had on these awesome blue sandals. There was a link, so I clicked it, saw they were in stock in my size. I added them to my Amazon wish list; it was a few days before my birthday at this time.

When my birthday arrived I was delighted to open a box containing the shoes, and then had to wait rather patiently for a warm enough day to wear sandals to arrive.

I'm quite certain were it not for other bloggers, I would not own half the things I do.

blue sweater, polka dot skirt, blue sandals.jpgblue sweater, polka dot skirt, blue sandals-2.jpgblue sweater, polka dot skirt, blue sandals-3.jpgblue sweater, polka dot skirt, blue sandals-4.jpgblue sweater, polka dot skirt, blue sandals-1.jpgblue sweater, polka dot skirt, blue sandals-5.jpgblue sweater, polka dot skirt, blue sandals-8.jpgblue sweater, polka dot skirt, blue sandals-9.jpg
The Rundown
Merino Wool Sweater Gap similar
Dalmatian Print Skirt Loft thrifted similar
Sandals "Hepburn" Kensie
Micro Perry Satchel Rebecca Minkoff c/o Shopbop
Monogram Necklace oNecklace via Good Girl Style Giveaway
Pave Toggle Bracelet Banana Republic similar


  1. This is such a pretty Spring look and love the sandals!

  2. Cute sandals! I am always amazed at what crafty people can do. I could only hope to be so crafty but I am wildly impatient. I love this lovely blue, springy look!

  3. Great way of showcasing them :)
    I love the color and how you have worn them today.
    This morning as I looked through my shoes looking for a pair that would work with my outfit I realised I own very, very few sandals.

  4. They are stunning! I just love the color! Thank goodness sandal season has finally arrived!

  5. Nice outfit!
    Love the skirt...

  6. Those sandals are lovely - perfect with your outfit too!

    I'm guilty of buying thing I've admired on bloggers too, haha. Probably part of the reason I shop too much ;)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. I totally agree Lydia---I consider reading other blogger's post partly shopping. It's hard not to see the fun, new things, and not want them!
    Love this outfit--especially the shoes (but really, let's talk about how functional they are---that heel makes them easy to walk in, yet they are so stylish!!)

  8. You look so pretty and I love the colors in this outfit!! I also buy many things I see on other blogs :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

    xo, Esther

  9. This is so springy and fresh, love this blue shade.


  10. such a gorgeous outfit!!! Love your sandals!!

  11. I LOVE how you have styled this outfit! theres something very happy about it. Looks great!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read, maybe we can follow each other on Bloglovin?

    Deepti xx

  12. Those are cute sandals and I am with you that a lot of my purchases are include by the blogs that I follow.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  13. This might be my favorite outfit of yours ever! This shade of blue looks amazing on you, and so pretty with the black and white :)

  14. Those are such cute sandals and they could not be more perfect with your outfit! I totally agree that I own so many things because of other bloggers!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  15. They're so pretty! And YAY for a SPRINGGGG outfit!! :D

  16. Oh, these blue sandals really are delightful! And I love them especially paired with the dalmatian print skirt, the colours and styles together look so perfectly spring-like - add in the blossoms and these photos are pretty much a spring dream. But you're completely right about shopping... if it weren't for other bloggers, my wardrobe would be much smaller. But that's half the fun, I think ;)

  17. This is such a gorgeous outfit!! Light blue, black and white polka dots that are irregular... this outfit is after my heart. I am sure of it. That's too great that you saw Alissa's shoes and had to have them. I admit to seeing styles on other bloggers and wanting to get some myself... :)

  18. Those are fun sandals, what a nice surprise to receive in the mail!! Love them with the fun spotted skirt. Also, your hair is looking extra fab in these pictures!!

  19. I swear bloggers are enablers when it comes to shopping. I am glad you treated yourself to those gorgeous baby blue sandals though. Plus they match that pretty sweater. Love the location of these photos too - so lovely!

  20. The polka dot and pastel pairing is divine!